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Why conservatives will need a new party if/ when Hillary wins

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When John Quincy Adams entered office in March, 1825, he had lofty ideas both domestically and on the global front. The younger Adams had one of the most impressive resumes of a new president. He was widely regarded as one of the most successful secretaries of state in our history, and presided over the tranquil years of the Monroe presidency. Yet, the Jacksonian Democrats who dominated Congress, buoyed by the voting bloc of the southern states, absolutely decimated Quincy’s agenda and rendered his entire presidency an utter failure. There is no reason the same dynamic cannot occur during a potential Hillary presidency. Sadly, it won’t until a true alternative party is conceived.

Whether you love, hate, or tolerate the current GOP nominee, the reality is that unless something cathartic occurs before the critical mass of early voting begins, Hillary Clinton will be elected president on November 8. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just three weeks out from the election (and much less when mass early voting is factored in), it’s time conservatives of all stripes at least give some thought as to a game-plan past the sensational news of the day in the media.

Republicans like Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas. (F, 42%) already have a game plan in place if and when Hillary is elected: make Hillary’s presidency a great success. In other words, nothing too different from the GOP’s modus operandi during the Obama presidency.

In a constitutional system that is working properly — with a party that cares to exercise its power appropriately — Hillary’s presidency should be dead on arrival.

Here is a revealing tweet from an Austin Statesman reporter covering John Cornyn’s speech to a local Chamber of Commerce this week:

Thus, Cornyn’s biggest agenda item for a Hillary presidency is to grant her George Soros’s top policy agenda — jailbreak — which will help create a permanent Democrat majority. These people have no sense of the fact that even if Hillary wins she will have no mandate, Republicans will control the majority of state governments, the House, and very possibly the Senate. In a constitutional system that is working properly — with a party that cares to exercise its power appropriately — Hillary’s presidency should be dead on arrival. Yet, GOP leaders are already planning to greet her with tailwinds instead of headwinds.

Although Quincy Adams was a brilliant, honorable, and patriotic son of a Founding Father, the political adversity in which he found himself was insuperable, exactly what should be confronting Hillary if she wins … if only there was a true opposition party. She would have won only because of the dumpster fire in the Republican Party, not based on popular support for a single policy. Nobody wants a flood of refugees, Obamacare is spiraling out of control, and nobody likes her personality or has any trust in her leadership. She holds all of the policies of Obama that the electorate has already repudiated, albeit lacks the personal charm that has kept the lame duck president afloat. In fact, she would come in as the most hated president to begin their term in office since … well … John Quincy Adams.

Congress, together with the states, can completely cripple Hillary’s agenda if they actually cared to do so. Sure, Hillary would never do anything positive and would still have some latitude to implement some very dangerous things on the foreign policy front, but the fact that people regard a pending third term of Obama as the death of humanity reflects the reality that there is NO Republican Party left.

Not only will Republicans decline to use the power of the purse to block Hillary’s radical agenda or encourage allies in the state to thwart implementation of her policies, they will seek ways to look like they are “governing.” Every Republican will run for office as outraged against her agenda, and 2018 will be a repeat of 2010 when everyone was a “Tea Party candidate.” 2020 will be a repeat of 2012 in which the candidate with the most name recognition and promoted by Fox News will be the GOP nominee. By that point, we will have mandated sex change operations. Heck, our own military during a time of war and internal morale crisis has already published a handbook on sex changes. We simply don’t have the time to continue down this failed path. We’ve already been in the wilderness for 27 years.

The entire shelf-life of the Whig Party, which Quincy Adams helped found, was shorter than the 27 years the GOP has been around as a fake opposition party since 1989. Immediately after it became apparent that the Whigs stood for nothing as it related to the issue of the time, it was ditched for, ironically, the creation of the Republican Party. We’ve come full circle.

The modern-day Republican Party has controlled the House of Representatives, the body closest to the people and the branch controlled fully with a simple majority, for 18 of the past 22 years. Despite the unmitigated disaster of the presidential election, and the banality of the array of GOP senators running for reelection, Republicans are still better than even odds at keeping the Senate, even if Trump loses in a landslide. The bottom line is that the people don’t want the fundamental transformation.

There is no popular mandate for Democrat polices. Outside of their impervious demographic firewall of support, there is a reverse mandate against their policies. Americans don’t want to give all of government to Democrats, yet this false flag operation of Republicans has allowed the worst cultural and fiscal transformation in our history on their watch, even though Democrats controlled the trifecta of the federal government for only two years.

Moreover, in the state, Democrats have held only a minority of state governments for most of the past two decades. Republicans, on the other hand, now control two-thirds of the state legislative bodies and in 23 states they control the trifecta of state government. Democrats enjoy full control in just seven states. Yet, little has changed to thwart the agenda of the far-left on most issues. On the seminal issues of our item, such as Obamacare, Islamic refugee resettlement, and funding for Planned Parenthood — which should be slam dunk policy — Republicans have been impotent if not complicit in the problem.

The biggest question that conservatives must answer the day after the election is: for how much longer will they continue doing the same things and expecting different results? The sooner that question is resolved, the quicker we can chart a new course that will be embraced by a majority of the country, which is clamoring for something different. The imperative to act and the opportunity for a clean break from the past were never stronger. At this point, it’s all a matter of initiative. 

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