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WTF MSM!? A stunning admission of bias

Conservative Review

MSM appalled anyone would cover non-indictment news …

CNN’s Stelter admits bias … In a special edition of his daily email yesterday, CNN’s media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter unintentionally admitted the blatant bias at his network. Stelter bemoaned that Fox News would dare cover any other story but the indictment of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and the guilty plea of Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos. Stelter said that Fox News’, “‘change the subject’ dodge has to be called out.” He later went on to highlight colleague Tom Kludt’s chastising of Fox for daring to cover the Sen. Bob Menendez corruption trial on “Fox and Friends.” Stelter also was aghast that Fox would cover the Hillary Clinton-Fusion GPS collusion. Stelter obviously wants a world where he and his media allies get to determine what is and isn’t news.

Politico’s laughable attack on News Corp … Politico’s Jason Schwartz also took Fox News and other News Corp properties to task yesterday. Schwartz highlighted the Wall Street Journal’s calls for further investigation into the Hillary Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS. Except, well, he didn’t mention Fusion GPS, only the “dossier.” And who did he use as the final quote to go after the Rupert Murdoch-owned publications? Neil King, a former Wall Street Journal editor. What Schwartz failed to mention? Neil King works for Fusion GPS. I mean, that’s beyond blatant.

Group amnesia … There seems to be a collective group amnesia about George Papadopoulos in the mainstream media. With the unsealed guilty plea yesterday, the media was puffing up Papadopoulos’ role on the campaign to be more than it actually was. They must simply not have seen the Washington Post stories from August that not only showed that Papadopoulos was a mere volunteer on the campaign, but that emails show his entreaties on behalf of “Russia” were rebuffed time and time again.

Detailed take on the indictments … Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy wrote about the indictments at the National Review. His take is that the indictment is “much ado about nothing … except as a vehicle to squeeze Manafort.” LevinTV host Mark Levin further tore apart the indictment and the media’s obfuscation on his radio program last night.

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