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WTF MSM!? CNN’s Stelter admits he’s a 'Trump addict'

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Falling for it …

Hamas press agents … Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News this morning to show just how disgusting the left-wing media’s support for Hamas terrorists is. Yesterday, the terrorist group staged an attack on the border between Gaza and Israel. The Israel Defense Forces responded like any sovereign nation should when faced with an attack on its borders. It fought back. But that’s not how the media portrayed it.

Conservative Review’s Chris Pandolfo has a recap of Shapiro’s appearance.  Ben is absolutely right about Hamas’ goal of killing Israeli citizens. And the news media has lapped it up and characterized violent protests as peaceful. It’s all part of an agenda.

“Daddy’s Little Ghoul” … That was the front-page treatment of Ivanka Trump in the New York Daily News this morning. This disgusting bit of media bias really doesn’t need much commentary from me. So I’ll keep it short. If you are in the mainstream media and are reading this, let me sum it up: “This is why people voted for Donald Trump.” They did it as a reaction to you.

Photo op … To expand on what Shapiro was saying, I suggest you read this piece from Tablet Mag: “Palestinians in Gaza are dying for a photo-op.” It is a great read on just what exactly the goals of the Hamas terrorist organization were yesterday. In essence, Hamas organized the deaths of fellow Palestinians so that the news would be filled with that, instead of the joyous occasion of the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. In other words, “Mission accomplished.”

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