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WTF MSM!? 'Grandmas and grandpas'

Conservative Review

Touchy-feely trumps facts …

Grandmas and grandpas … Look, I love my grandparents. Even called them all memere and pepere, the French words for grandma and grandpa. But if I were writing something formal like a headline, they’d be “grandparents.” Not so for professional news network Reuters. In a bid to sway public opinion against Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban, Reuters eschewed using “grandparents” to describe who a judge said can now enter the U.S. from terrorist hotbeds, opting instead for “grandmas, grandpas.” It is pretty blatant propaganda.

That’s not a constitutional protection … Members of the media are up in arms about being blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter and not being able to engage in the conversation surrounding his tweets on the site. They call this a First Amendment violation and are suing. I explain why that’s a bunch of B.S.

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