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WTF MSM!? Media falls over itself in ‘impossible’ flap with Trump

Conservative Review

“Impossible” …

The facts … Over the weekend President Donald Trump tweeted that an aide quoted by the New York Times saying it was “impossible” for the North Korea summit to be held on June 12 “didn’t exist.” The tweet set media types on fire. A whole host of media personalities claimed that Trump was saying a background briefing on Thursday didn’t happen. It did, but that is not what Trump was saying. He was saying that no aide said the word “impossible,” which is absolutely true. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway has the details of what happened. Hemingway is absolutely correct: The media fell all over itself.

Here’s the fact. Trump was right to say that the aide sourced by the Times didn’t exist, because the Times put words in the actual aide’s mouth. Hemingway has the transcript of audio of the briefing. The word “impossible” was never used. In fact the aide didn’t close the door on the summit happening, but merely said that time is running out.

Steltering … CNN’s media critic/cheerleader was on the mysterious case of the “impossible tweet.” As you can imagine, Stelter was blinded by his chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In the same piece, Stelter argues both that Trump lied about there not being a briefing – Trump never uttered the word briefing – and that the New York Times paraphrased based on what they thought was the “tone and tenor of Thursday’s briefing.”

We’ve heard the audio tape now. And the aide certainly did not say that it was impossible that the June 12 summit would happen. He clearly said that time was running out. Donald Trump was merely stating the truth: that an aide who said the meeting was impossible “doesn’t exist.” This is classic Stelter. Brian is often only saying, but not saying, a lot of things.

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