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WTF MSM!? Plurality: Russia investigation 'politically motivated'

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Eve of destruction? …

Overwhelmingly negative coverage … In 1995, Congress passed a law, unsigned by President Clinton, that required the U.S. embassy to be built in Jerusalem. The law contained a six-month waiver that the president could invoke to delay the move. Meant as a temporary measure, it became standard and continual. Trump is following that law by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The move should be uncontroversial, but the media coverage has been overwhelmingly negative. Once again, the media are acting as advocates for policy, not as reporters.

Chris Matthews unhinged … Chris Matthews had an interesting take on Jerusalem. He blamed it on conservative Christians, in a rather vile way. CR’s Chris Pandolfo has the full details of Matthews’ slam on believers.

Telling one side of the story … Breitbart’s Brandon Darby noticed that CNN was only promoting one side of the story on the Jerusalem news. On Twitter, Darby said: “Respectfully, @CNN, your past 18hrs of Twitter has 10 tweets telling Palestinian side or about protests and 0 about Israeli perspectives on Jerusalem issue. Why?” A rhetorical question, to be sure.

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