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WTF MSM!? Politico breaks the NRA’s $2500 scandal WIDE OPEN

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Shams …

Big money … The crazies really do come out on Friday the 13th. Take for example the folks at Politico, who tweeted, “NRA got more money from Russia-linked sources than earlier reported.” Whoa! I remember reading yesterday that people were blowing out of proportion the amount of money that “Russia” gave the NRA. So I thought maybe this was something new? Nope.

In the article, Politico shows that contrary to earlier reports of a single NRA life membership – $1500 cost – bought by a Russian national, the total amount people who live in Russia, including American citizens, gave to the NRA is a whopping, astronomical, $2,512.82. Yes, that’s right: two thousand, five hundred twelve dollars and eighty-two cents. Let’s match that with the title Politico tweeted. Kind of a letdown. But remember, most people don’t click links, and Politico is looking to drive a narrative wholly unsupported by the facts with that title and tweet.

Pai stands up for the First Amendment … Progressives love civil liberties, except, of course, the civil liberties of political opponents. You’ll remember that Sinclair Broadcasting recently had local anchors read a promo that attacked bias and fake news. Several Democratic senators asked the FCC to investigate the matter and to review the company’s broadcast licenses. That isn’t going to happen. FCC chairman Ajit Pai forcefully responded to the senators, saying, “I can hardly think of an action more chilling of free speech than the federal government investigating a broadcast station because of disagreement with its news coverage.” Good for Pai.

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