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WTF MSM!? Russia, Facebook ads, and free speech

Conservative Review

How do you say “like” in Russian? …

Russians “helped” both Hillary and Donald … Yesterday, CNN reported that “Russians” used Facebook to geo-target sponsored posts on “Black Lives Matter” to Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore during the 2016 election. The most salient point of the article is that CNN reported what a lot of us have been saying all along. The Russian interference was more to sow discord in the U.S. than it was to help any one candidate over another.

WaPo’s “embarrassment” after having to correct Russia story … In related news, Brian Flood reported at Fox News that the Washington Post had to correct its “scoop” about a meeting between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and President Barack Obama. The headline said that Obama warned Zuck about Russia and the election and how the Russians would use Facebook. The problem is that never happened.

Politico op-ed writer sad about freedom of speech … The speech that the Founders were most concerned with was political speech. After just having fought a war for independence, they knew the power of a free press and how that ensured liberty. The Left, like author Richard Hasen, a law and political science professor at UC Irvine, thinks political speech is something to be regulated. That’s why he writes that it’s the “conservative” jurists on the Supreme Court who will block any efforts to stop foreign people from buying Facebook ads to sway opinion in the U.S. Sorry, Professor Hasen, but that’s what free speech is.

Speaking of political speech … I took a look at incumbent re-election rates in Congress, post-World War II. What I found is that campaign finance laws help incumbents, and more freedom of speech increases competitive democracy. Just like we saw in Alabama on Tuesday.

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