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WTF MSM!? Wait, what? Rand Paul deserved it?

Conservative Review

Victim shaming of the highest magnitude …

“Not a perfect neighbor” … That’s part of the headline of a story from the Louisville Courier-Journal at USA Today. The piece, entitled, “Rand Paul is not a perfect neighbor, says community developer,” sets out to blame Paul for the attack that left him with broken ribs and lung damage. The developer praised the assailant as a “near perfect” neighbor, according to the Courier-Journal. One of the developer’s issues with Paul? “He wanted to actually own the property rights and build whatever type of house he wanted.” The horror!

GQ takes it a step further … Jack Moore, writing at GQ, was even more open in his disdain for Paul. His piece, “Rand Paul Sounds Like the Worst Guy to Have as a Neighbor,” basically calls Paul a distasteful libertarian who has the temerity to, wait for it, actually believe in private property rights. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Speaking of petty … Politico had the scoop of all scoops yesterday. Donald Trump likes McDonald’s so much that he had an aide go get some for him late at night. No, really, Politico published that story as part of a piece on the aide now testifying in the “Russia investigation.” The story had a bit of fake news. It said the man went to get Trump a “fried apple pie” at the golden arches. The only problem? Fried apple pies have not been available — sadly — since they were discontinued in 1992.

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