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Are You Sure Obama is on Our Side?


Can the dramatic decline of America with Obama in charge, at the same time as the rise in power for Russia and China, be a coincidence?

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Remember when Obama leaned over and whispered to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin that after his re-election he'd have "more flexibility" to help him out?

Don’t look now, but it’s happening exactly as Obama whispered. I’m just surprised he didn’t whisper in Russian.

Even worse, it’s not just America that has declined dramatically under the leadership of Obama. Or does anyone think things have gotten better over the past six long years for the people of the European Union, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea or Ukraine?

AP Photo. AP Photo.

Whether the topic is economics, citizen revolution, or outright war, it’s a bloodbath out there. It seems like the whole world is threatened with economic collapse and extinction with Obama at the helm of the most powerful nation in world history.

Except Russia and China.

Everything seems to be hunky dory for those two evil empires turned BFF (best friends forever). The decline of America and her allies has conveniently turned into their shining moment. Suddenly the world is Putin's oyster. Suddenly our military is a feckless joke, incapable of stopping Russia's expansion plans. Suddenly our obsession with green energy allows Russia’s oil-based economy to soar. Our green energy debacle has put our economy in reverse, while China’s economy explodes.


Funny how all this worked out.

With Obama in charge…supposedly on our side…America is breaking records left and right. Unfortunately they are all the wrong kind of records.

US President Barack Obama JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Under Obama’s watch, China is set too pass America as the world's number one economy. THIS YEAR.

What an embarrassment. The USA has had the unchallenged number one economy in world since 1872 (when we passed the United Kingdom). 1872. Eighteen hundred and seventy two. Let that sink in for a while.

That is 142 years of world dominance erased in only six years under one man's leadership.

Under Obama’s watch, Canada just passed America for the crown of number one middle class in the world. This is the first time in modern history that America’s middle class isn’t leading the world. This was reported by the Obama-loving New York Times.

Under Obama, there are now more food stamp recipients than the number of women working full-time in America.

Under Obama, the average full-time male employee now earns less (adjusted for inflation) than 40 years ago.

A supporter of the MLK Jr. Workers Center carries a sign as he and others start to march in Portland, Ore., Friday, Jan. 17, 2014. Organizers and supporters of the hiring site, intended largely for Hispanic day laborers, are pushing to preserve the center after the city declined to extend its' long-term lease. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)  (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Under Obama, there are now 70 percent more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” vs. 86 million “makers”). This isn’t a conservative opinion. It’s a fact provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Under Obama, the number of working-age Americans not in the labor force is at all-time highs.

Under Obama, the workplace participation rate of men is the lowest in history.

Under Obama, the workforce participation rate of women is the lowest on record.

Under Obama, the workforce participation rate for black Americans is the lowest in history.

Under Obama’s watch, over 800,000 Americans dropped out of the job market last month. That's almost one million people who have given up…in a month.

That’s almost one million dreams killed…in a month. What happens to all these people? Where do they go? How do they survive? Who will pay for it all?

In this Wednesday, Aug., 14, 2013, photo, job seekers Emilio Ferrer, Brian ferrer,  center, and Jonathan, right, of  Hollywood, Fla., talk to a FirstService representative at a job fair in Miami Lakes, Fla. The Labor Department reports on the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits  for third week of August on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013. Credit: AP In this Wednesday, Aug., 14, 2013, photo, job seekers Emilio Ferrer, Brian ferrer, center, and Jonathan, right, of Hollywood, Fla., talk to a FirstService representative at a job fair in Miami Lakes, Fla. Credit: AP

It’s hard to even fathom. One man has done that much damage to the economy…the citizens…and the world reputation of the once greatest nation in world history.

Is it possible this is all produced by a man who means well? Who has our best interests in mind? Is it possible Obama is trying to help us?

Because if that’s true, then we all need to give him a message: “Mr. President, please stop helping us. We can’t take it anymore.”

All of these terrible facts are enough to make anyone wonder…

Whose side is Obama on? Because with friends like this, who needs enemies.

Wayne Allyn Root is the national bestselling author of The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive and Prosper During Obamageddon. Wayne's Twitter and Wayne's web site.

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