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Dear Bruce Jenner: Jesus Loves You and Cares For You

Dear Bruce Jenner: Jesus Loves You and Cares For You

Jesus called us to love our neighbors and nobody can argue against that.

Dear Bruce Jenner,

I am deeply sorry for the way individuals have treated you in response to your recent interview with Diane Sawyer. Your life has meaning, regardless of the ignorant and ill-thought comments that are being thrown your way.

God loves you whether you choose to transition or not, and I pray for the hearts of those who are calling you a "sick and delusional man," for they know not what they do. Their fear of the unknown leads them to say and do childish things. This is a new and complicated conversation that people are scared to have. Why? Because they don't know enough to wrap their heads around it.

[sharequote align="center"]Jesus called us to love our neighbors and nobody can argue against that.[/sharequote]

I can't imagine what you are going through right now, but I need you to know that you have people in this world who care about your well-being. There are people who still care about you as a person. There are people who will still showcase love, even if they don't quite understand your reasoning for transition.

Transgender identity is a delicate discussion and until someone has a friend or family member stand before them in tears over their inner struggle, their opinions are blind and without true understanding. My wife and I have had that experience a handful of times and we've seen personally the pain and struggle you are going through in the lives of people we call our friends.

I grew up in a Christian home, was taught to love all people, and was encouraged to stand up against injustice. And although the message of Jesus is rooted in love, I believe that many self-proclaimed "Christians" are in the wrong when it comes to the way they have responded to you. Their actions are anything but loving, and I apologize for the way people are using Jesus to judge and point a finger at you.

I've wrestled with the topic of transgender identities for some time now, and I'm not going to act like it's been easy for me to wrap my head around. I believe God doesn't make mistakes when he creates his children, but I also find myself heartbroken when hearing stories like yours — people who truly feel they are different than what their outer appearance presents them to be.

Did God mess up? I don't believe that to be true. Is transgenderism a complex discussion that can be summed up in a yes or no answer? Not even close. We must all continue to seek God’s wisdom in this time.

Jesus loves you, cares about you and would go out of his way to show you that you are welcome in his presence. Grace abounds in the name of Christ, and I want you to know that you're always welcome at my dinner table. Christians are called to love their neighbor, regardless if their neighbor may look or act differently than them.

Transgender suicide rates are skyrocketing, and if Christians truly care about the sanctity of life, they'll be more careful in the ways they discuss and treat those who are transgender. This doesn't mean one must be passive in their beliefs, but they MUST showcase their thoughts in a way that's not harmful and instead use love and grace. Jesus called us to love our neighbors and nobody can argue against that.

Some people will say that being transgender is a sin, and others will say that God created them that way. But no matter your stance, showcasing love to a community that is struggling with a 40 percent suicide rate should be all Christians No. 1 priority.

With love,

Jarrid Wilson

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