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If You Don't Want Your Kids to Be 'Assaulted' by the Cops, Teach Them to Respect Authority

Image source: Screenshot

Let's take a look at the latest bit of evidence presented by the left to prove that law enforcement in America is nothing more than a racist conspiracy against black folks. The video went viral last night under the hashtag #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh (also the title of the next Jason Statham movie), and it shows, according to the Black Lives Matter camp, a bigoted white cop launching an unprovoked attack against a black high school student — an "innocent child," as they put it — by slamming her to the floor and "throwing her across the room." The officer, Ben Fields, has been placed on leave and is now being investigated by the feds for Civil Rights abuses.

Officer Ben Fields is seen removing a disruptive student from a classroom. (Image source: Screenshot)

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