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Is Pope Francis a Naive Nice Guy, or Obama in a White Robe?

Why does this pope ignore the terrible misery inflicted by socialism? Why does he condemn capitalism. Is he naive, or another Barack Obama?

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I hate to be the one who rains on the unicorns, rainbows, babies and puppies the mainstream media puts on the screen every time Pope Francis is mentioned. But the reality is, this is America where freedom of speech reigns – and while the pope is free to speak his mind, serious questions about his agenda and credibility need to be asked.

As a “Man of God” I would expect him to be crusading about religion, spirituality and morality. Unfortunately, I see and hear this “Man of God” sounding more like a Hollywood hypocrite looking for the love and adulation of liberal celebrities and the media, by lecturing us on politically-correct economic issues that he clearly knows nothing about.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This pope neither seems to understand, nor care that his views on issues like climate change and income redistribution often put him in bed with atheists and socialists, who don’t believe in God, mock religion and think the Bible is a work of fiction.

He crusades for social justice, yet chose to embrace the Castro brothers - evil murderers who have imprisoned, tortured and murdered generations of Cubans for expressing their opinions and questioning the authority of a tyrant. Worst of all, he never mentions the atrocities committed in the name of the Cuban socialist revolution. He chose not to visit or even be seen with Cubans imprisoned because of their political views.

This pope condemns capitalism, yet never mentions the poverty the Castro brothers and their version of socialism have imposed on the Cuban people. He chooses to ignore that the hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions of dollars of wealth accumulated by the Vatican are the result of donations by successful Catholics in capitalist nations like America.

To this layman, it seems the height of hypocrisy for the Vatican to send out the pope to lecture us about the virtues of income redistribution (meaning socialism and communism) while ignoring the abject poverty caused by socialism and communism around the world.

This pope embraces the religion of climate change, ignoring the conflicts of interest and greed of those scientists, whose belief in climate change and global warming keeps them wrapped in government contracts that make them millionaires. As wrong as the Vatican was about Galileo, it appears to be just as wrong about climate change.

Just like Hollywood hypocrites, this pope chooses to ride around in a small, politically-correct car that paints a picture of a frugal man who cares about the environment - at the same time he flies around the world on chartered jumbo jets.

How offensive to drive around America in a Fiat, while escorted by a dozen extra long wheelbase SUVs for security. The pope saves $25 on each fill-up, but spends millions of dollars on gas for his chartered jet and cavalry of gas-guzzling SUV security vehicles.


It’s all absurd. Shouldn’t a “Man of God” be above staged photo-ops?

Just like the Castro brothers, this pope embraces President Barack Obama as a friend. How can he ignore Obama’s dark history of lecturing Christians on any act or statement that offends Muslims, while never mentioning, criticizing, or taking any reasonable action to fight what is clearly a worldwide war on Christians? He ignores the fact that under Obama over 250,000 Muslim immigrants per year have entered America, yet Christians have a tough time getting in legally. Is this advancing the cause of Christianity?

And then there’s the greatest hypocrisy and conflict of interest in the world today: This pope lectures America about illegal immigration without a thought as to how to pay for it all; without a thought as to the pain and misery that the higher taxes necessary to support millions of illegal immigrants would cause to his American parishioners.

The media doesn't mention the hypocrisy of this scenario. This pope gets the love, adulation and DONATIONS of millions of poor illegals, but the U.S. taxpayer gets the bill. How convenient.

Here’s an idea: Let the Vatican pick up the bill. After all, a great many of these illegals will be adding to the collection plates at Catholic churches in the U.S., while all of their bills (welfare, food stamps, education, healthcare, courts, cops, prison) will be coming out of American taxpayers’ pockets.

While we’re at it, where is this pope’s pledge to compensate the parents of children murdered by the illegal immigrants he embraces and encourages to come to America?

Or better yet, why not open up the Vatican itself to hordes of illegals. Tear down your wall, Pope Francis.

Why not fill St. Peter’s Square with tents and porta-potties? Where is the compassion and humanity at the Vatican?

A large crowd is seen in St. Peter's Square from the Bernini colonnade towards Via della Conciliazione avenue, top, during Pope Francis' Easter Mass, at the the Vatican, Sunday, April 20, 2014. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino) A large crowd is seen in St. Peter's Square from the Bernini colonnade towards Via della Conciliazione avenue, top, during Pope Francis' Easter Mass, at the the Vatican, Sunday, April 20, 2014. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

This pope’s views on income redistribution, climate change, and illegal immigration shows a total lack of economic knowledge, or common sense. Socialism and communism have proven to create, not alleviate poverty. Only capitalism has freed billions of human beings from poverty.

Government regulations to affect climate change and promote illegal immigration will hurt and cost the poor more than any other socio-economic class in higher energy bills, lost jobs and stagnant wage growth. It always amazes me how someone who claims to want to help the poor can be so totally ignorant of economic reality.

This pope grew up in Argentina under the socialist government of Juan Peron. Result? Economic disaster. Argentina has gone from the world’s 14th highest GDP per capita to 63rd today.

That doesn’t sound like income equality to me, more like shared misery. Maybe a “man of God” should learn not to lecture about economics.

If he truly understood economics, Pope Francis would be condemning socialism and its atheist leaders. He should be widely promoting conservative, free market economic views like lower taxes so the people can keep more of their own money; reducing the size of government; less government spending on a failed “war on poverty”; and building a wall at the border to save the U.S. economy from bankruptcy.

America is the most generous nation in world history - but only capitalism has allowed our citizens to accumulate enough wealth to donate to this pope’s Catholic Church. Income redistribution and climate change regulations will not only dry up wealth and exacerbate income inequality, but ironically also dramatically collapse charitable giving.

Is this pope a bad man? Of course not. Perhaps naïve. Perhaps ignorant of economic reality. Perhaps Pope Francis has good intentions. But, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My fear is this pope is nothing more than Obama in a white robe.

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