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Islam: An 'Alpha Dog' Religion Feeding Upon the 'Meek


In the world of religions, Islam is an alpha dog, feeding upon meek who, as evidenced by Europe’s submission and contrary to biblical verse, will not inherit the earth.

Syrian refugees and migrants are escorted to be registred by German police officers upon arrival from Austria at the Munich's main train station late September 3, 2015.
AFP PHOTO / ARIS MESSINIS (Photo credit should read ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

While the author of the biblical verse “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5) is unknown, bitter irony exists as to its place of origin.

It is believed to have originated towards the end of the first century in Roman Syria—a region that now flows red with blood. Today, the meek perish there daily at the hands of Muslims—whether they be from Islamic State, Syrian soldiers or various militant groups.

Syrian refugees and migrants are escorted to be registred by German police officers upon arrival from Austria at the Munich's main train station late September 3, 2015.

AFP PHOTO / ARIS MESSINIS (Photo credit should read ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

But it is not just the extremist Muslim in that part of the world victimizing the meek. The supposed “moderate” Muslim immigrant to whom Europe has opened its doors offering shelter senses meekness among his hosts as well. Accordingly, he has found abundant prey upon whom to impose his will, packaged as the will of Allah.

It is time freedom-loving people cast off their politically correct blinders to see the real world—and what their meekness is allowing it to become.

Finding ourselves living in a world wracked by Muslim persecution of non-Muslims in the Middle East, by waves of sexual assaults on non-Muslim women by young Muslim male immigrants in Europe, by an increasing effort to impose Muslim beliefs upon non-Muslim nations, by the largest displaced persons and refugee crisis in recorded history triggered by Muslim violence—all in the name of Islam—the cold, harsh and frightening reality is that, among religions, Islam is the “alpha dog;” all others are “betas.”

In a wolf pack, there is but one alpha; the others submit. What gives the alpha dog strength is the meekness of the betas. So it is with Islam’s influence in the non-Muslim world—an alpha dog foraging in a world of beta dog religions.

Over time, religions have evolved to accept tolerance, recognizing they are but one religion among many equals. Muslims, however, by virtue of the intolerance bred within Islam, reject religious equality in favor of religious superiority.

Islam’s religious superiority appears throughout the Koran and has been taught as such for 1,400 years. This belief has been re-asserted in modern times as well—as recently as 36 years ago. It was mandated by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation—a group of 57 Muslim nations formed in 1969 as “the collective voice of the Muslim world…to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world.”

In 1990, the OIC rejected the 1948 international standard for human rights in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognized the equality of all human life. Instead, the OIC replaced it with the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, affirming those who “are equal in terms of basic human dignity” are only those “men” who have subordinated themselves to Allah.

Under Islam, only Muslim men are deemed the fairest in the land—the rest of humanity, including Muslim women, are subordinated to sub-human status. As such, the rest of humanity is to be treated less than humanely by Muslim men.

It is no wonder, therefore, why we see Muslim men abusing their own wives and now, with the influx of male Muslim immigrants into Europe, why we see non-Muslim women harassed and sexually victimized by them as well. This is, after all, in accordance with Islamic teachings, a right of life’s passage for Muslim males.

Unfortunately, beta dog religions seem to nurture like-minded state governments. Nowhere has this been more evident than in Germany where hundreds of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve by roving packs of Muslim gangs in Cologne.

The German police have admitted they have been hesitant to “tackle crime among refugees…(for fear of) being accused of excessive violence or racism.” Accordingly, “many dangerous incidents are played down or kept secret to maintain desirable statistics.” This means Muslim perpetrators are receiving a free pass to do as they please—because Islam sanctions it and host government officials fear challenging it.

Lest critics suggest the New Year Eve attacks were an aberration, one needs to remember the Muslim male mob mentality has demonstrated a guiltless perversion in targeting non-Muslim women. One incident that stands out occurred in 2011 as CBS reporter Lara Logan was covering demonstrations to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. She was brutally attacked and sexually molested by a large group of Muslim men who ripped off her clothes, recording the attack using their cell phones.

One would think German feminists would be enraged over the Cologne sexual assaults, not only by the behavior of out-of-control Muslim males but by the conduct of the German police in looking the other way. Such was not to be.

Instead, in what has been described as “a stellar display of collective mental illness, the women of Cologne Germany ‘handed out’ roses to predominantly Muslim migrants, who possibly were perpetrators of the mass molestation of German women on New Year's Eve. This is absolutely abnormal behavior, even for feminists. Feminists in Germany have gone so far as to blame the victims for the crime instead of the perpetrators,” failing to realize “Germany is in the throes of a rape epidemic.”

When it comes to top beta dogs, Mayor Jens Muller of the small German town of Bad Schlema has to be a frontrunner. A concerned grandfather reported at a townhall meeting that his nine-year old grand daughter was being sexually harassed on her way to school by Muslim immigrant children from the local refugee center. When asked what could be done, Muller outraged residents by incredulously advising they not provoke immigrants. He suggested girls take alternative routes and not wear provocative clothing.

It is tragically ironic as Muslim countries ban the practice of other religions, Western nations welcome Islam with open arms—a religion ultimately seeking to extend this ban to the very nations hosting it. This is what Islam—a religion of submission to it by all others—is all about. It is why Islam is the alpha dog of world religions. And it is why the meek will not inherit the earth.

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