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Putting Donald Trump's Popularity into Perspective


America has been searching for someone to stand up and tell it like it is for a long time now. They have found that with "the Donald."

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What is it that has made Donald Trump so “popular” of late?

Is it the fact that many Latino groups, the GOP, and corporate sponsors are so unhappy with him that it’s popular to publicly bash him? Or is it truly an admiration by the American people?

One only has to turn on the television or read the news to find that someone else is offended by “the Donald’s” recent comments.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Many Latino groups would have you believe that Trump recently made controversial statements specifically about their family members or that he was condemning "all" Latinos when in fact he was referencing only people who are in the United States illegally.

While many may not like what Trump had to say there are verifiable facts to back up his claims regarding crimes committed by those illegally in the U.S. Nonetheless, some people are still offended.

Then we have corporations dropping Trump, sports celebrities refusing to participate in his pageant, a network that immediately dropped Trump’s pageant and another network that will no longer carry his show regardless of facts that apparently support what he said.

The GOP seems terrified that Trump will “trump’ their election campaign game and garner all of the attention away from them.

Hispanic Republicans spoke out against Trump and called for the GOP presidential candidates to distance themselves from him following his contentious statements.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who was late to the game in chastising Trump, called his statements “not just offensive and inaccurate, but also divisive.”

However, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), also Hispanic, failed to go along with the crowd and said Trump was “terrific” and “speaks the truth,” statements which not unexpectedly, drew criticism from the liberal left.

Then there was Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) who went so far as to call Trump “a wrecking ball” in the GOP’s fight to win the Hispanic vote.

Additionally, people on the right are even beginning to claim that Trump is nothing more than a Democrat in Republican "clothing" and that his real motive for speaking out is to make sure that a Democrat wins the presidential election in 2016.

Despite all of the backlash, Trump keeps coming out on top with many Americans.

This is true even though it is clear that those who have spoken out against Trump, on the left and on the right, have an agenda they are hoping to advance by attacking Trump.

However, their actions are only increasing his popularity. Why?

What has caused Trump's rise in popularity and given him the lead in recent presidential campaign polls?

The answer is pretty simple. People are sick and tired of being silenced by political correctness. Trump is the first candidate to come along since perhaps President Ronald Reagan and “tell it like it is.”

People are also tired of the progressive game that typically begins when a liberal feigns being offended, followed by the filing of a lawsuit to seek “damages” and eventually ends when the speaker is silenced.

The offending party must be financially crippled because they dared to have an opinion of their own that wasn’t politically correct. The matter cannot be resolved until the offender is crushed and silenced. Score another victory for progressives!

Trump on the other hand has refused to be silenced by the financial threats.

He has become the voice of many who have reluctantly remained silent because they fear losing everything they own.

It’s not that Trump is a political genius who can solve all of the country’s problems.

At this point, however, I’m not even sure that most people really care what his political views are. All that matters is that Trump is giving the left a run for their money.

Trump is telling the left what most Americans have been wanting to say for the past eight years and he, unlike many Americans, has the money to defend himself from any lawsuit that may come his way.

He’s also able to financially fight back and file his own lawsuit when he believes that a television network has breached a contract because they disagree with his views on illegal immigrants.

The financial “hammer” has silenced many Americans in this country for far too long and the frustration level has reached a boiling point.

How sad is it when we have reached a juncture in this country when the truth can no longer be told due to fear of losing your livelihood and only those with the most money or the best legal team to defend them can say what they believe?

Trump is the release valve for fed up Americans who have been unable to voice their own opinions.

People who didn’t even know Trump before are now considering voting for him because he isn’t acting like a politician. Instead, he’s standing up for many Americans’ viewpoints and has become their champion for the moment.

While other presidential GOP candidates may not be as popular, they would be wise to take note of Trump’s acceptance by the American public.

It doesn’t mean that they should be saying what Trump is saying but the message is clear. The American people want a no nonsense, tell it like it is candidate, who is not afraid to speak the truth on behalf of the silent majority.

They don’t want another GOP candidate who runs away at the first sign of conflict with their heads bowed and their tail between their legs.

To be popular with most Americans during this election cycle, candidates will either need to stand up or go home!

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