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Sen. Jeff Sessions talks Immigration, Budget and Obama


With the right leadership and the right policies, America could be on it's feet again.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), said that bad leadership and mismanagement by the Obama administration were to blame for most of the country's problems.

During an interview with Mallory Factor this week, Sessions said that President Obama just "doesn't have the gifts" for management because "he's never done it before." He said that anyone with the right team could do a better job than Obama - to include former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Sessions said that Romney would have run his cabinet and sub-cabinet like a business and would have made them responsible for spending the American people's money.

Sessions said that Americans would be surprised how quickly the country would "bounce back" under the right leadership.

Sessions and Factor also discussed, at length, what the GOP needs to do to win upcoming elections. He touched on what Republican leaders need to do to reach middle-class voters and immigrants: "Appeal to them and talk to them and make changes in policy that help them."

Sessions insisted that change to current immigration laws were necessary, but questioned the timing of legislation that "doubles the number of guest amnesty to 11 million people...with high unemployment and falling wages for American workers." To him, and many others, that just doesn't make sense. Instead, he said, there should immigration policy that is line with America's interests.

Sessions also talked about ways to cut wasteful government spending and get Americans off of dependency programs like welfare and food stamps.

Check out the full interview below:

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