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#ShoutYourAbortion Proves That Modern Liberalism Is A Satanic Death Cult


Abortion is good because I want to have abortions, and I should be able to have what I want.

This has already been quite the banner week for abortion disciples.

Just a few hours ago, Democrats voted down a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Only three Democrats voted for the bill to protect children from murder after five months of development, while two truly despicable Republicans, Susan Collins and Mark Kirk, voted against it. They should be out of a job when it comes time for reelection, and if I was in charge of these things, I'd put them both in prison, along with almost all of the Democrats, for facilitating the murder of thousands of innocent human lives. Remember, if you support late term abortion, you are in favor of killing babies who can survive outside the womb. This is a radical, insane, extremist position, and one that is considered by progressives to be not only mainstream, but mandatory.


Progressives love to say they aren't "pro-abortion," but that is a more and more self-evident lie. Nobody who possesses even the slightest hint of a moral qualm with abortion could actually oppose a bill to protect kids after five months in the womb. Similarly, nobody who isn't an enormous fan of abortion could be anything but repulsed by the hip new fad that swept through the internet like wild fire yesterday.

It's called #ShoutYourAbortion, and it encourages women to boast confidently of killing their children. The hashtag has been trending on Twitter for over a day, and many hundreds and thousands of women have taken the opportunity to "shout" with pride about the magical wonders of baby murder. I'm sure the aborted babies would have loved to participate in this campaign, but they're all dead and decomposed in dumpsters or dissected in petri dishes.

The Shout Your Abortion craze appears to have started with a post by a woman named Amelia, who took to Facebook over the weekend to brag about her own abortion experiences. She said her abortion, procured last year, fills her with an "inexpressible level of gratitude," and that she's not ashamed to say abortions make her "happy." This post was shared by another woman, Lindy, who used the Shout Your Abortion hashtag while telling her own triumphant tale of filicide. She said she had an abortion a few years ago and it allowed her to be "fulfilled" by her career, and, bizarrely, enabled her to "better care for her kids."

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Along with plenty of pushing by Planned Parenthood and others in the Baby Murder Industry, this was enough to send the campaign into lift off. Progressives sensed they had a catchy, fun way to battle the "taboo" surrounding the butchery of infants, and soon Twitter was filled with deeply disturbed and spiritually destitute women saying things like this:

I've had 2 abortions. I don't have to justify or explain them to anybody. My life is more valuable than a potential life.

Yeah, so I had an abortion at 20, it was the best decision possible for us then. I will with no more shame.

So here's my : I was pregnant when I didn't want to be. I got to decide and I owe no one an explanation for my decision.

Had an abortion procedure done at age 22 because I was WAY too young to parent. Have never, ever regretted it.

Not becoming a parent while I was still a child was wise & merciful. I send love 2 providers & to all ppl being shamed.

I've never wanted to have children, so I had an abortion. I'm thriving, without guilt, without shame, without apologies.

is so important - abortion is a normal medical procedure & one way we can help end stigma is by talking about it.

I've had 3 abortions and have held onto shame since I was 14. I am 43 now. My shame and silence ends today.

Had an abortion because you wanted one?You need not justify, explain or hide.Your body, your choice. All day, every day.

Liberal websites and blogs joined in the abortion party. Buzzfeed beamed that "Shout Your Abortion" is finally "challenging the stigma" attached to crushing the skulls of tiny humans. Elle expressed excitement that the campaign gives women "a new way to talk about choice." HuffPost took the opportunity to chastise pro-lifers for "shaming and belittling" the brutal slaughter of infants. called the hashtag "inspiring." The Independent said the celebration of death and selfishness is "important" and "encouraging." MTV declared that "Shout Your Abortion" is "setting the record straight" and making it easier and more acceptable for women to destroy their children -- an act which they describe creepily and creatively as "clearing a biological hurdle."

If only the Nazis had Twitter maybe they could have defeated those pesky taboos about violently eradicating Jews. #ShoutYourGenocide, anyone?

Something has a stigma when it's "marked with disgrace," and progressives clearly cannot allow abortion to be seen in that light. Politically incorrect words and ideas, Confederate flags, jokes -- these can all be viciously stigmatized, but child murder? That  must be greeted with nothing short of uproarious applause. Some people seem shocked that the Abortion Movement would stoop to this level, just as some are shocked that so many Democrats want to murder viable infants, but what else would you expect these people to do? If they're going to earn converts, they need their disciples to be more than just reluctantly accepting of some abortions. They need pro-aborts to be pumped about all abortion, excited, joyful. All of that "excitement" and "joy," when presented by post-abortive mothers, obviously masks a deep sense of guilt and despair, but the Abortion Industry doesn't care about what's going on deep inside these women. They care about polishing the false exterior.

Nobody, on either side, can really stake out a moderate position on abortion for very long. Either abortion is condemned with the fury of 1,000 suns, or it is celebrated and glorified with religious fervor. Everyone who tries to hang out somewhere between these two extremes will inevitably land on one end of the spectrum or the other. That's because abortion is an extreme thing. It is the slaughter of the innocent. History proves that there are really, when it comes down to it, only two types of people: those radically opposed to the dehumanization and murder of entire groups of people, and those radically in favor of it.

So the abortion industry will obviously set up camp on the latter side of that equation, and do what it can to pull as many of us into that moral black hole as possible. Just a couple of years ago, abortion fetishists cooked up the viral "1 in 3" campaign, encouraging women to tell their "inspiring" stories about abortion. Not long after that, a woman named Emily Letts became a progressive darling when she filmed herself having an abortion. She giggled and smiled through the procedure, talking about how happy and "lucky" she is. When it was all done she yelled "cool!" and "yay!" as she was wheeled out of the operating room and her child was, most likely, shipped off to a research facility for experimentation. She bragged about her abortion while it was happening, and the video received favorable coverage across the mainstream media, and eventually won top prize in an "abortion stigma-busting video competition" (leading some to believe it was staged). These #ShoutYourAbortion Tweets are nothing compared to all that.

Even so, it's obviously enormously disturbing, infuriating, sad, and pitiful to see these deluded women and their acquiescent male "allies" parading around, waving an "I Heart Abortion" banner for all to see, but we should be glad they're putting it out there. Not glad about the abortions or that they're so brazen and shameless about them, but that the true nature of the "pro-choice" movement is on display for anyone who hasn't yet gotten a freaking clue. For all their depravity and hideousness, these "Abortions Rock!" marketing campaigns at least perform the valuable service of providing us with a glimpse at modern liberalism's real face. Like its author, the Devil, progressive doctrine often comes hip and coiffed and wearing trendy hats and saying dumb, popular things like "tolerance for all" and "love wins" and "heteronormativity causes the otherization of non-cisgendered communities" and so on, yet at its base, in its core, lies a deep animosity towards life itself.

Liberalism is, in the end, a death cult. I've long suggested that we stop calling it "liberalism" and start calling it "secular Satanism," because that's truly the most accurate and coherent way to describe it. Indeed, self-proclaimed Satanists are ardent abortion fans, with some reporting that they perform Satanic human sacrifices inside abortion clinics. To the Satanist/liberal, abortion is the most sacred and revered sacrament. The whole religion and ideology of Satanism/liberalism was born when Satan himself turned from God and said, "I will not serve" -- and what better and more profound way for humans to reinforce that point than to ritualistically massacre His most vulnerable and precious children?

Abortion evangelists are pro-abortion in principle, not out of some perverted sense of necessity or compassion. They believe -- they have faith -- that the individual is supreme. There is no power or authority above the Mighty Me, therefore nothing has the right to impose itself on Me, and nothing, not even my own child, can claim any right to my life or my body or my love or my time. My, Me, I. I am the sole point and purpose of the universe, and the highest thing I can hope to attain is my own enjoyment, convenience, and (especially sexual) pleasure. There is no Truth outside of that. There is no God beyond myself.

Every other Mighty Me can live in their own bubble of self-gratification and self-worship, and if two Mes happen to bump into one another, it's best if they're polite simply because it would make them both feel good to have a pleasant interaction. This is why the only Bible verse progressives cite (aside from "don't judge," which isn't a Bible verse) is the one that says, "Love your neighbor as yourself." They take this to mean self-love is the highest love, and that we ought to usually treat others fair as a matter of pragmatism, because it would make us feel good to be treated fairly too. They miss the whole rest of Scripture, which explains in great detail that we must love God above everything and everybody, including ourselves, and that through our love for God we come to truly love ourselves and our neighbors. Progressivism/Satanism removes God from that equation, leaving only the self, which cuts off the source and purpose of the love, turning it into the opposite of itself.

That's why the other Mes don't always have to be afforded respect or even basic human dignity. The moment one of them becomes a burden -- the moment they ask us to change or give or serve or love in any sort of active way -- is when they transform into a gross parasite to be extracted and discarded. The ultimate example of this is abortion, and the point is driven home even harder when the babies are killed and then cut up and used for medical research. We, the Mighty Mes, think nothing of attempting to extend our lives by cannibalizing our own children. After all, I am Me, the one true God, and what greater cause could there be than prolonging my own existence?

But this goes beyond abortion, of course. The elderly and the sick ought to also be, according to progressivism, candidates for their own form of abortion. Unborn children have no right to impose themselves, but neither do the old and the infirm. Get rid of them all, says the progressive/Satanist. And don't take my "old and infirm" line to mean only the old and infirm should be tossed aside. Already in Europe they've legalized euthanasia for young children. It won't be long before a child who escapes murder by abortion can simply be transitioned into a murder-by-euthanasia program. They might have to call in a different doctor, or maybe not. I'm not quite sure if professionals in the Murder Industry normally specialize in only one type, or if they sometimes branch out.

In any event, it makes sense that abortion fans have finally abandoned the "safe, legal, and rare" mantra. Certainly, they want it to be legal, and although women often die from having their insides cut apart during abortions, pro-aborts still like to push the ridiculous myth that sticking a poison needle into a child's heart while he's still inside his mother's womb can be safe. But "rare" is not a priority, and it never was. About the only people who prattle on about the fantastical "rare" abortion are moderate conservatives who think child murder should be totally illegal except for the rare rape or incest situation when the kid is, I guess, just out of luck. Everyone else has established a more absolutist position on the subject. True pro-lifers think abortion should never be legal or condoned, and "pro-choicers" think it should never be limited or minimized.

Why should a woman be empowered only "rarely," they ask? Why should she, the Deified Me, be permitted to exercise her autonomy in "rare" circumstances? If abortion is legal and acceptable because the life of the child is meaningless and the convenience of the mother is sacrosanct, why in the world should we try to reduce the frequency by which these meaningless things are terminated and carved into pieces for the sake of protecting a More Important Person's lifestyle? If anything, it should happen more often, shouldn't it? If we accept the underlying premise of progressive/Satanic ideology, trying to limit the abortion becomes nonsensical. Abortion is the highest sacrament -- the ultimate and purest form of female empowerment -- trying to make it "rare" is like a devout Catholic saying he wishes to only rarely receive the Eucharist.

This is also why progressives/Satanists don't bother much with arguments over the "personhood" anymore. They might throw it out there as a standard defense, but it's not that essential to their cause. Whether the unborn entity is a person or a human or a moose or an alien from outer space, it doesn't matter. Abortion is permissible and even laudable purely because the woman wants it, period. That's the one "argument" (if you can call it that) I saw repeated over and over again by the #ShoutYourAbortion crew. A few here and there offered some weak rationalization about how the babies are "clumps of cells" and yadda yadda, but most just said, "Hey, I felt like having an abortion so I did. The end."

This is their new (although it's not really new at all, it's as ancient as time itself) defense of evil. And it's actually pretty smart. After all, the "scientific" proofs for abortion could be and have been thoroughly debunked. The practical arguments -- overpopulation, poverty, disability -- are fine, but also too abstract, not to mention too identical to how the Nazis justified their mass of abortions of Jews. So they've settled on something completely morally vacuous and appalling, but also utterly simple and even appealing in a primitive, savage sort of way: Abortion is good because I want to have abortions, and I should be able to have what I want.

It ain't exactly Aristotle, but it's convincing logic nowadays.

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