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The Black Community Agrees: God Said Marriage Equals One Man + One Woman


For generations the Black Community has steadfastly adhered to the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman. Our churches have always upheld this teaching, and our pastors have preached this Biblical message from thousands of pulpits.

In 2008, besides the historical presidential election, Prop 8, which would ban gay marriage, was also on the ballot in California. While Barack Obama won over 95 percent of the black vote, 70 percent of African-Americans in the Golden State also voted in favor of Prop 8. Since then the President has made known his support for gay marriage, which is explicitly against the majority beliefs of the Black Community in the United States. How will this play out in the 2012 election?

Many leaders in the Black Community and pastors are not waiting around to find out.

We want to echo the voices of individuals and organizations in the Black Community who support Natural Marriage and are not represented by the NAACP, the secular courts, or the Democratic Party. Many of these leaders spoke out publicly when President Obama declared his support for gay marriage over the summer and the time has come to speak out again.

What if black pastors banded together, preaching the Gospel message of Natural Marriage over gay marriage, and shifted 25 percent of the black vote from the 2008 election?

A lofty goal? Maybe - but maybe not. A new Zogby poll out this week showed that 18 percent of African Americans are undecided this election. What if African Americans saw television ads, heard radio commercials or saw billboards on the side of the road urging them to recall those sermons they’ve heard over the years about marriage being between one man and one woman? Would they reconsider their vote? Would they vote according to the values of their God and not their political party?

The Black Community is among the most religious in America. We were severely offended when President Obama publicly announced his support of gay marriage; that the NAACP has blindly supported the secular views of the Democratic Party; and that the DNC’s national platform plainly supports gay marriage.

President Obama, the current national NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton and other like-minded voices do not speak for us. In fact, they failed a long time ago in speaking on behalf of the Black Community.

We are tired of remaining silent and tired of following party lines. The time is now to speak up and to have our voices heard. Ours is a powerful message that needs to be heard in every church, from every pulpit and within every household across the Black Community.

That is why we, along with many like-minded leaders who live and work in the African American community, have formed We aim to charge every voter to examine each candidate and vote for the one that supports their core belief in Natural Marriage.  In other words - vote God’s values, not your political party’s.

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