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The Most Dangerous Americans Aren't Armed, They're Uninformed Voters


Politically unaware Americans need to understand that if we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to because America is liberty’s last stand.

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Once upon a time, millions of decent and hardworking American citizens were terrified of losing their jobs, their homes, and their life savings. Then along came a presidential candidate, Prince Hope-n-change, who promised to fundamentally transform the country so everyone could live “happily ever after.”

Citizens were so entranced by his oh-so-sincere teleprompter speeches, his adorable Dumbo ears, and lovely wife who’d just become “proud of her country for the very first time,” they failed to notice the very slim resume of Prince Hope-n-change. My goodness, he’d never held a real job in the private sector. Never ever!

They failed to notice how he’d been raised and mentored by a pack of left-wing/progressive/communist wolves. In his book, “The Manchurian President,” best-selling author, Aaron Klein, introduces readers to the anti-American extremists who influenced Obama during his childhood.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

They failed to notice his affiliation with the followers of Saul Alinsky (the Godfather of Community Organizing), who had dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” book to his idol, Lucifer.

The Prince traveled hither and yon across the country, making double-pinky promises to fix everything. But, alas and alack! The light at the end of his tunnel of hope-and-change turned out to be the train of deception that smashed into America’s Constitution.

Five years later, the destruction is evident.

  • The train wreck called “Obamacare” creates a nation of part-time workers, 92 million unemployed, 42 million people on food stamps, a shrinking job market, and a future of Medicaid for everyone.
  • The train wreck called “public education” focuses on self-esteem instead of critical thinking skills and dumb, dumb, dumbs down America’s children.
  • The train wreck called “gun control” continually tries to dupe Americans into going along with a progressive scheme to register, then confiscate, guns.
  • The train wreck called “national defense” downsizes, demoralizes, and disarms our military, and dishonors our brave warriors, past and present.
  • The train wreck called “trust us, we know what’s best for you” encourages IRS thugs to monitor and intimidate the political opposition and allows the NSA to snoop into and retain emails and phone calls of every citizen.
  • The train wreck called “equality for all” pits the haves against the have nots, the God-loving v. the God-less, men against women, and champions bottom feeding race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder.
  • The train wreck called “foreign policy” crumbles as America’s “Commander-in-ept” draws meaningless red lines, delivers empty threats, and then retreats. Meanwhile, Iran’s nuclear program moves forward. The Saudis shop for their own nukes, and Syria retains 90 percent of its chemical weapons. Israel stands alone, unsupported by America’s Secretary of Blither, John Kerry. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia and the world’s most ruthless tyrant, flaunts his manly-leather-jacket-wearing-motorcycle-riding image and annexes his neighbors without fear of reprisal. The Prince Hope-n-change furthers his care-less, weak-kneed image as he pedals around Martha’s Vineyard wearing a helmet and mommy jeans.

Small wonder that America’s “chosen one” has become an international laughing stock.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

How the heck did such a failed leader get re-elected to a second term? In 2012, why didn’t Americans elect a moral, experienced leader who’d never smoked pot, used drugs, and didn’t hide his birth certificate, college transcripts, or travel records?

We screwed up. That’s the “why” of four more years of Obama!

We-the-Conservatives failed to make it crystal clear how progressives in Washington, D.C., were collapsing (on purpose) the moral and financial foundation of our country.

We failed, big time, to make the case about how conservative principles of small government, fiscal responsibility, and unlimited economic opportunity are America’s only hope to restore and retain freedom for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

In the 2012 election, millions of uninformed or “mis”informed citizens decided not to vote. This resulted in the continued empowerment of The Prince, his extravagant wife, and his hand-picked advisors: liberals, radicals, control-hungry progressives, and Muslim Brotherhood pals . . . all of them hell bent on achieving their goal of fundamental transformation (destruction) of America from within.

Abraham Lincoln warned us that “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Yikes. What a mess!

So, what can we do? How can we prevent further loss of freedom and opportunity and reverse the failures of our foreign policy? For starters, in November, 2014, we can take back the Senate and replace every left-wing progressive in the House of Representatives with patriotic Americans who honor our Constitution and the Rule of Law. Period.

How can we do this? By educating lower-information voters and motivating them to wake up, wise up, stand up, and vote as if the future of their country depended on their involvement. Which it does.

[sharequote align="center"]If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to because America is liberty’s last stand.[/sharequote]

So, what can you, as one person, do?

It’s simple. Start talking. Like, how easy is that?

To make this task really easy for you, I’ve written a quick-read book of humorous and truth-filled political fables which I’m giving away FREE. My 103-page book will help you start conversations with others who lack the time to keep up with the latest edicts and executive orders coming from our White House (which remains closed to public tours). Your less-aware friends aren’t stupid. They’re busy, busy, busy with jobs and kids and carpools and grocery shopping and lawn mowing and soccer practice, the stuff of life in our fast-paced culture.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

Also, many low-information folks you know, tend to shut down emotionally and intellectually when a political conversation begins, fearful that unpleasant or scary information might be coming their way. Or, they’re concerned about having to defend their own opinions which are based on the misinformation they’ve received from lame-stream media.

Gently grab their attention by entertaining them first. This works! My political fables begin with “once-upon-a-time,” a phrase most Americans have heard from their earliest years. Every adult has an inner child who loves stories. They’ll clap their little inner hands in anticipation of being entertained. "Oh goodie! Here comes a story." Once they feel safe, they’ll pay attention and gain factual information about what’s happening to America and why.

Change happens one person at a time. Every pebble of information tossed into the pond of communication ripples outward and creates more ripples which create more ripples, and on it goes.

The more ripples of awareness we create, the more conservatives and true patriots we can bring to congress in November.

May you initiate the first ripple of communication within your circle of influence.

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