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Truth Buffet Now Being Served
Jay Severin

Truth Buffet Now Being Served

Host Jay Severin introduces his new radio show on TheBlaze Radio Network.


(Editor's Note: Jay Severin premieres TODAY from 2-5pm ET with the launch of TheBlaze Radio Network.  Get the network’s full lineup and listen for free every afternoon.)


Our motto at TheBlaze is "Truth Lives Here."

Looks like I came to the right address!

After already being President (of my 5th grade civics club) where can you go? I went into politics, as a senior political advisor to conservative incumbents and candidates for President, Senator, Governor, the House. I won a lot, it was fun. Then I went into Television and Radio, also fun - but there was a problem: when I uttered provocative or uncomfortable Truths, I got into trouble.

Jay Severin (The Blaze)

"You can't say that!" the bosses would say.

"But it's the truth, right? And I didn't curse or anything."

"Doesn't matter. Some people's feelings may have been hurt."

"It doesn't matter if it's true?!"


"So...we're not in the truth business?"


That's when I got myself a truth directory and looked up Glenn Beck. I found the truth's address; it was listed. The truth lives right here.

I just moved in.

I hope you'll plan to visit often - and bring a big truth appetite. In fact, I'm throwing an All-You-Can-Think Truth Buffet every afternoon 2:00-5:00pm (eastern). Just after Pat & Stu, just before Glenn Beck.

After many years operating at the top of American politics and media, I'm ready to join you every day to do two things: learn and laugh.

And so we shall.

For starters, we're in the middle (or if our fellow citizens don't awake, final) act of the greatest deterioration of American culture ever. As a bonus, how this all turns out could depend on an election only 37 days away.

How that election turns out may well depend on the first presidential debate only two - count 'em! - two days from today.

No matter who wins, our country - right down to your street - is going to be a very different place to live than it is today. If we lose, you're going to hear serious people start throwing around words and phrases such as "Impeachment" and "2nd American Revolution."

And if we win, there's no more citizenship auto-pilot. Nope. Everybody who wants to count should get a turn to drive the Citizenship Car. But you'll need a license. And that license is truth.

We cannot, must not, permit a political party or "leaders" to further undermine our great Republic by confiscating what we earn, collapsing the economy, encroaching on our freedoms, blithely vandalizing our Constitution and making slaves of us.

And that's just the Republicans.

The fact is, being an American is no longer a spectator sport. We're going to be out on the field, playing the most serious contact sport ever.

Imagine, a whole country (did I say country? shall we go for World?) at war, with you and me not just witnessing - but making - history every day together on TheBlaze Radio Network every day--armed with the most potent weapon of mass instruction ever devised: the truth!

And so we shall.

Join me every afternoon and I guarantee not only will you know more about what's happening - but what is about to happen, and how, and why. Politics, the campaign(s), media, culture: the truth about whatever it means to be an American each day. (Yes, even if someone's feelings are hurt.)

For me to listen to someone, I insist they offer me an opportunity to learn or laugh. Ideally both. I give you my pledge we'll do both.

That's what the truth can do for you.

Join me. 2-5pm ET every weekday afternoon. Right here, at this address.

The Truth Lives Here - and it's looking for a few good roommates.

Learn more about TheBlaze Radio Network and listen live.

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