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Using RICO on Climate Skeptics: The Last Breath of Desperation
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Using RICO on Climate Skeptics: The Last Breath of Desperation

A group of climate-faithful scientists want the government to prosecute skeptical scientists using a law made to fight the mafia. But who is REALLY using racketeering?

Gandhi once said, “At first they ignore you; then they mock you; then they attack you; then you win.”

This perfectly applies to the believers – because it takes religious faith to believe it – of the climate narrative, who are now practicing stage three: attack.

Unsatisfied that people pay less and less attention to their scam, that satellite data are hardcore “deniers” and that many 2015 studies show how a giant H bomb 150 million km from the Earth influence the climate (instead of CO2), a group of some 20 scientists ask President Barack Obama to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (the law designed to fight the mafia) against the infidels of the Green Church. They quickly backed down and withdrew their letter when they saw this action backfire … forgetting that the Internet keeps things from falling in the “memory hole.”

Photo credit: Shutterstock Photo credit: Shutterstock

So the said letter is the rehashing of the catastrophic, man-made climate hysteria upon which we must promptly act, despite an abysmal track record of climate predictions.

If this doesn’t convince you that the global warming narrative is a religion, nothing will. Real science is always open for new ideas as long as they respect the scientific method – if facts support a hypothesis and then bring a conclusion. This is why science (generally) pays no attention to theories like creationism or most “alternative” medicine: they have no scientific basis and they have never been published in peer-reviewed journals.

When it comes to climate “science” however, climate believers try to make facts fit a pre-determined conclusion. It’s especially obvious when it comes to NASA, whose ground temperature records (GISS) not only greatly diverge from satellite data (RSS) but also from themselves through time. As if it weren’t enough, NASA (and their Australian cousin) refuse to say how they adjust the data – the adjustment explain almost all of the “warming” we supposedly see.

However, from the Public Choice School point of view these actions are actually pretty rational. Indeed the global warming industry is very profitable: some $1.5 trillion according to recent estimates. It exists solely on the (disproven) global warming nonsense but also thanks to generous government loans that either end up with a default or into the pockets of the wealthy – and let’s not forget about all those government grants on climate research. It is therefore no surprise that they are desperately fighting to remain relevant.

Unfortunately for them (and fortunately of humanity) their scam is coming to an end. Climate change believers are using their last gasps of energy before they end up in the same place as alchemy, astrology and homeopathy.

And the sooner the better. We’ve suffered enough from their new wave socialism; we can’t let it propagate anymore.

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