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We Need to Get Back Our American Spirit

We Need to Get Back Our American Spirit

Frankly, without a Fox News today (and talk radio and conservative web and blog sites), the Benghazi tragedy, like so many mostly liberal disasters or disgraces the past 20 or so years especially, would have been whitewashed from public scrutiny.  The "free press" of NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, the New York Times, etc., long ago gave up their unbiased mantle and became little more than shills for the Left, especially for the current president.

I believe that before this Benghazi situation is over that President (or former) Barack Obama, Secretary of State (or former) Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense (or former) Leon Panetta, and/or CIA Director (or former) David Petraeus, will face, at the least, very public Congressional hearings. Good. There are four dead Americans. Four families still waiting to hear the unvarnished truth.

It’s true that people sometimes die in war and other dangerous actions.  I've been around and in combat and speak from experience.  But people serving in the front of the front lines, like Ambassador Stevens and the three heroes who died with him, deserved a fighting chance to live.  They were coldly denied the chance.

Good men, no, these were great men. They were sacrificed for no apparent reason other than some sort of skewed political correctness by someone in authority who ordered others to "stand down" and do nothing; just watch [and listen] to the eventual deaths of our fellow Americans. That someone may be the current resident of the White House, or at the very least a Cabinet level official. It doesn't take a skunk spraying beside you to know when a thing just smells awful. And this Benghazi debacle stinks like rotting fish.

What has happened to our once great nation?

We need to get back our American spirit. Take a call to arms (including economic recovery) page from the famous WWI poster, sketched by the wonderful Illustrator, James Montgomery Flagg, of the square jawed American guy tearing off his suit jacket in response to the newspaper headline that the German army had begun to ravage Europe. “Tell That To The Marines!” The American call to arms was answered by General Pershing and the American Expeditionary Force of both US Army and US Marines."Tell That To The Marines!"  Indeed.

We should update that poster to now be an American man (or woman) responding to the Benghazi attack newspaper headline (or other terrorism acts no less maddening such as the November 2009, Ft. Hood attack by Nidal Hasan).  The poster should today read "Tell That To America’s Citizens!"

Now that's the American spirit the world really respects.

No more downsizing the US Navy until it becomes but a shell of its former self. No more apology tours to people who more often than not hate what we stand for anyway. No more calling obvious terrorism "workplace violence.” Enough already.

Peace through strength: Reagan had it right back-in-the-day when he called out the Soviet Empire. That “don’t mess with Texas” attitude should still apply today.

We can truly solve our economic challenges, our defense challenges, our energy challenges, our strength (or lack) of spirit challenges by acting upon a clarion call to arms led by another focused, calls-it-what-it-is, square jawed man.

He's now just a checked box away. It's that simple. It really is.

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