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What Happened to Uncle Sam?


America’s beloved icon is gone, gone, gone, replaced by his evil twin, Uncle SCAM, who wants you, your kids, and your country.

Once upon a time, in a country of good and hardworking people, everyone felt a kinship with Uncle Sam who represented a supportive, benevolent, and trustworthy government. No matter what the circumstances, We-the-People knew we could count on Uncle Sam who honored the Constitution, and always represented our best interests.

In those not-so-long ago days, America’s brave warriors had fought against tyranny and for freedom in Europe and Asia. We prospered with manageable taxes, smallish government, and opportunities galore to launch and expand business. Jobs and career opportunities were plentiful. Parents socked dollars away for retirement and college funds for their children. American students BDE (Before the Department of Education) consistently placed #1 in worldwide rankings of academic achievement.

We-the-People continued to trust Uncle Sam to protect our best interests and make correct decisions about when and where to send our brave warriors to help other countries fight for freedom on their soil.

Uncle Sam

Does this sound like never-never land? It wasn’t. These were the “good old days,” before progressive liberals came into power.

This was America at a time when it seemed our best days stretched out into the future, toward an endless horizon of possibilities. Safe, secure and comfortable, We-the-People shifted into snooze control.


We failed to notice how our values, formerly shared with Uncle Sam, no longer were quite so shared.

We failed to notice the gradual erosion of adherence to our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law.

We failed to notice destructive actions being taken by our elected representatives who:

  • Tossed aside campaign promises and supported policies that enhanced their personal wealth but diminished it for everybody else.
  • Broke into grandma and grandpa’s piggy banks and stole Social Security and Medicare dollars to redistribute to “favored” supporters.
  • Shifted allegiance to new “best” friends (special interest groups) who supported re-election campaigns to keep their bought-and-paid-for representatives in positions of power for happily ever after.
  • Turned our government into an uncontrolled debt machine.
  • Passed legislation that chip-chip-chipped away at our Judeo/Christian traditions.
  • Promoted involvement in foreign wars with no clear cut objective or end plan that squandered blood and treasure, and resulted in defeat and retreat.
  • Supported intervention of teachers’ unions and federal regulations that dumbed down our education system and trapped America’s children in government-controlled “flunk factories.”

How could this have happened?

While We-the-People were snoozing, Uncle Sam was shoved over a cliff and replaced by his evil twin, Uncle SCAM, the poster child for something gone terribly wrong in America.

He and his cohorts represent the most powerful, ruthless, and corrupt political machine seen in our recent history. Their goal? The fundamental transformation of our country, by hook or by crook (mostly the later).

uncle sam

Those who comprise Uncle SACM's corrupt core occupy our White House and include Chicago socialist liberals, left-wing, current-and-former congress people, community organizers, Ivy League endowment babies, heads of powerful commissions and congressional committees, bureau chiefs, lobbyists, advisors, bankers, socialists, labor union thugs, and a communist or two: all of whom hate unlimited freedom for anyone but themselves.

Their agenda involves control over everything from freedom of speech to education to healthcare. They rub their greedy hands together in glee with “Mawwaaaahahaha” (evil laugh), as they snatch power and become more entrenched as the “political elites.”

America’s president and his misses are perfect examples of this privileged class. The “first couple” enjoy luxurious, taxpayer-funded vacations for themselves and friends in Hawaii, Spain, Africa, Ireland, China, Mexico, etc. They throw lavish parties for celebrity pals and foul-mouth rappers, but lock the doors of our White House to keep out We-the-Riffraff. (The reason for the lockout? Budgetary concerns. Really? The cost to keep the White House open for one year is $2 million dollars: less than the cost of a typical Obama family-and-friends vacation.)

You gotta’ hand it to Uncle SCAM. His minions have been quite successful in achievement of fundamental transformation. Their programs of redistribution of wealth, esteem-based education, free food, free cell phones, free contraceptives, free abortions, politically correct speech, promotion of class, race, and gender warfare, and penalties for success drag America down to the lowest common denominator.

Their shining accomplishment is almost complete. We-the-people have been duped.

We’ve lost our doctors and healthcare we could afford. Our 1st Amendment to freedom of religion is being destroyed. Sad to say, Uncle SCAM's promised solution to fix America’s economic and healthcare woes is doing just the opposite (which was the plan all along). We’ve become a nation of part-time workers, have suffered massive job loss, and millions of families have become enslaved to Uncle Scam’s handouts of welfare and food stamps. But wait, it gets worse, much worse.

The final blow is on the way . . . discover the meaning of worse in "Uncle SCAM, Part II."

P.S. Want a little more snark in your day? Additional fables are posted on Molli’s blog. You’ll enjoy the story about Prince Hope-n-change and his ascension to the throne. Molli tweets @grannyguerrilla.

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