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What If George W. Bush Were President?


As John Lennon might say, “Imagine with me.”

If George W. Bush, a Republican-conservative was president, and he refused to answer the question about whether he had a right to order the assassination of American citizens on American soil, what would liberals say? What would the media say? What would Michael Moore, George Clooney and Sean Penn say? What would Senator Obama say? Always remember that Obama and Attorney General Holder refused to answer that question until U.S. Senator Rand Paul turned on the national media spotlight, and turned up the heat with a nearly 13 hour filibuster.

If a Republican President had a REAL unemployment rate of 14.3% (the government's own U6 rate), would the media ignore that number and quote 7.7% as proof of a recovery?

If a Republican were president, would the media quote the 7.7% rate, but ignore the underlying numbers of 13.8% unemployment among black Americans, or 25.1% among teens?

If a Republican president was presiding over 13.8% black unemployment versus 6.8% white unemployment, would Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and U.S. Senator Obama be leading massive protests in the streets and blaming it on racism?

If a Republican was president while homelessness reached the highest levels in New York City since the 1929 Great Depression, what would Van Jones say?

If a Republican president presided over the biggest drop in disposable income in 54 years (since record-keeping began in 1959), what would the media say? What would the left say?

If a pro business Republican president presided over record numbers of suicides, at the same time we were suffering the worst economic crisis since 1929, would the media blame the suicide rate on "harsh pro-business conservative economic policies?" Yet today they say nothing. Why?

If a Republican president presided over a country with 50 million people on food stamps, what would the champions of "the war on poverty" say?

If a Republican president nominated a man for Treasury Secretary that held his money in the Cayman Islands in a building liberals called “the world’s biggest tax scam”...what would Senator Harry Reid say? We already know what he said about Mitt Romney for doing the same thing. Yet we hear stone silence from Reid and Democrats about Obama's choice for Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

What if a Republican president sold guns to Mexican drug cartels that were then used to kill 300 Mexicans plus a U.S. Border Agent? What would the Democrat controlled Senate say?

What if a Republican president refused higher security for a U.S. Ambassador, then upon hearing he was under attack, refused to allow a rescue attempt, and then left for the night. Would the media have a problem with the image of a Republican President sleeping while our Ambassador and three American heroes were slaughtered, while waiting for help that never came? Somehow I think Geraldo would be up in arms.

What if a Republican president played golf with Tiger Woods at a luxury resort all weekend and refused media access, while Americans were suffering, and a sequestration crisis that could damage the economy was looming within days? What would the media say?

What if a Republican president named Bush was presiding over historic numbers of Americans under the age of 30 living in poverty, record numbers of college graduates in default on student loans, and record numbers of middle aged Americans raiding their retirement accounts out of desperation to survive? Do you think the media would report this economy is in “recovery?”

U.S. Senator Rand Paul obviously has been imagining this scenario and has had enough. Last week he stood up to President Obama for nearly 13 courageous hours. For nearly 13 hours he showed America how a real United States Senator should act. For nearly 13 long hours he prodded a sleeping giant (the American public) to wake up and shout “I’m not going to take it anymore.”

This video frame grab provided by Senate Television shows Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. speaking on the floor of the Senate on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Senate Democrats pushed Wednesday for speedy confirmation of John Brennan's nomination to be CIA director but ran into a snag after a Paul began a lengthy speech over the legality of potential drone strikes on U.S. soil. But Paul stalled the chamber to start what he called a filibuster of Brennan's nomination. Paul's remarks were centered on what he said was the Obama administration's refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes inside the United States against American citizens. (Credit: AP)

Perhaps this was a moment that we’ll be reading about in the history books one day. This was certainly the moment we learned the emperor has no clothes.

Thank you Rand for reminding us what it means to be an American.

I'd just like to see a Republican filibuster in the future drawing attention to the tragic Obama economy and all the middle class Americans whose lives are being destroyed by Obama's taxes, over-spending, and record levels of deficit and debt.

For that topic I'd recommend at least a 24 hour filibuster.


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