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What Mitt Romney Should Tell Harry Reid


The country is in decline, the economy is in malaise, manufacturing and unemployment are spiraling in the wrong direction. It’s panic time- we are headed for complete economic collapse. Every new release of economic indicators proves that Obama’s socialist philosophy of government intervention, massive spending, unlimited entitlements, and income redistribution is toxic. Yet Obama, David Axelrod, and Senator Reid think taxpayers care what Romney does with his money, more than we care what Obama is doing with our taxpayer money? Are you kidding me? This issue is a joke. Pure desperation.

There is a valid reason for the desperation. The election is slipping away from Obama. This economy and this election is Carter/Reagan all over again. Obama and Axelrod can feel it. The only pollster I trust, Rasmussen, has Romney up 47% to 43% as of today…up 49% to 44% in the key state of North Carolina (a state that Obama won in 2008)…and up by 20 points with white voters. That matches my gut instincts- I believe Obama will lose by a Carter/Reagan-like landslide. The more viciously and outrageously Democrats attack Romney, the more my gut instincts are confirmed.

The latest gutter-snipe by Axelrod is to trot Obama lapdog Senator Harry Reid out to attack Romney as a tax cheat. Not just any tax cheat, mind you. Harry Reid is making Romney out to be the second coming of Al Capone. Without a shred of proof, Reid is claiming that Romney is a tax cheat, who hasn't paid any taxes going back years. All based on a supposed conversation Harry Reid had with an anonymous phantom ex-Bain Capital partner.

In the private sector it’s called libel or slander to try to destroy someone’s character without a shred of proof. If you are in a conspiracy with others (Axelrod and Team Obama) to destroy a person or company’s reputation, it’s called fraud, or criminal conspiracy, or organized crime. Yet here we have the United States Senate Majority Leader making wild, absurd, unsubstantiated claims to try to frame and destroy a good man. Out of desperation. In Chicago this may qualify as “business as usual,” but in my world this is how you define evil.

I know exactly what Mitt Romney should tell Harry Reid and Obama’s team of dirty hit men from Chicago. Romney needs to hold a press conference in front of IRS Headquarters in Washington D.C. He needs to say two important things.

First: “Enough is enough. Harry Reid, Barack Obama, David Axelrod- here I am. Either prove your lies, distortions and libel, and then arrest me. Or admit to the American people you are all desperate liars willing to do and say anything, willing to stoop to any level, willing to prostitute yourselves to win the election that is slipping out of your hands.

We all know you have no other way to victory--but to try to tar my reputation. We all know you have no other plan, but to create class envy, to divide this nation, to play on bitterness and jealousy.

We all know you have to talk about my money, because you can’t talk about what you’ve done with the taxpayer’s money. You’ve squandered it and plundered it on a failed stimulus and Solyndra--and dozens like it--all run by Obama contributors and bundlers and billion dollar payoffs structured as bailouts to your union buddies and outrageous pensions to government employees whose union supported Obama. Deals with Mexico to promote food stamps to illegal aliens inside America, all ideas that have destroyed our economy and left millions of good Americans unemployed or underemployed.

We all know the truth- unemployment isn’t 8.3 percent. The true unemployment figure is 20 percent, if we use the same metrics used in 1929. It’s now worse than 10 of the 12 years of the Great Depression. All while food stamps, disability, welfare and unemployment benefits are stretched to the breaking point. That’s your plan? The food stamps and disability economy? While debt is headed for $20 trillion. While the real deficit is $4 trillion, if we use government approved accounting. While Obamacare will add trillions more and bury our children under mounds of unsustainable debt. While 83 percent of doctors think of retirement and you add 30 million people to the medical system. It’s madness. And you’re trying to distract the American people with lies about my personal taxes. Don’t you have something more important to do? Like fixing the economy? Like helping to create jobs?

Well here I am Mr. President and Mr. Reid. Prove your lies, or admit you are liars and frauds, and then let’s get back to working for the American people. It’s time to get out of the gutter. This is disgraceful. Your antics are beneath the dignity of the Presidency. It’s time to get back to real work. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work addressing real issues, not tax returns. If you don’t agree, you keep talking about my personal tax returns, I’ll work on jobs for the American people. Then we'll let the American people decide who should lead the country and fix this economic disaster.”

Now comes part two of what Mitt should say, this addressed directly to Harry Reid:

“I’ll release more of my tax returns, when Harry Reid releases his first tax return. Isn’t that true Senator? You’ve never in your career released even one tax return. Isn’t it funny that a man who entered the U.S. Senate with few assets, and now 3 decades later is a millionaire. How did you acquire so much wealth on a Senate salary? I think the American people deserve to see your tax returns Senator Reid. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten numerous calls from unnamed people who claim all kinds of nasty things about how you got rich Senator Reid. It’s time for you to prove you’re not a crook.

I suggest we all get to work. I’ll go work on turning around this economy and creating jobs. You in the media should get to work exposing my accusers as frauds and slanderers, and figuring out how Senator Reid got so rich at taxpayer expense, and how we have allowed him to serve for 3 decades without releasing a single tax return. Let’s all get busy.”

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