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What Mitt Romney Should Tell Harry Reid


The country is in decline, the economy is in malaise, manufacturing and unemployment are spiraling in the wrong direction. It’s panic time- we are headed for complete economic collapse. Every new release of economic indicators proves that Obama’s socialist philosophy of government intervention, massive spending, unlimited entitlements, and income redistribution is toxic. Yet Obama, David Axelrod, and Senator Reid think taxpayers care what Romney does with his money, more than we care what Obama is doing with our taxpayer money? Are you kidding me? This issue is a joke. Pure desperation.

There is a valid reason for the desperation. The election is slipping away from Obama. This economy and this election is Carter/Reagan all over again. Obama and Axelrod can feel it. The only pollster I trust, Rasmussen, has Romney up 47% to 43% as of today…up 49% to 44% in the key state of North Carolina (a state that Obama won in 2008)…and up by 20 points with white voters. That matches my gut instincts- I believe Obama will lose by a Carter/Reagan-like landslide. The more viciously and outrageously Democrats attack Romney, the more my gut instincts are confirmed.

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