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What's it Like in Liberal Fantasy Land?


Walk with me, if you dare, as compiled internet memes shine a light into the darkest recesses of liberal thought.

The debate over gun rights has heated up again.

It’s odd. Our nation seems to be plagued with extremist liberals who don’t accept or can’t comprehend the meaning of “rights.”

Nevertheless, the debate rages again and it’s being driven by the leftist-in-chief, Resident Barack Obama.

The narrative goes something like this: Americans suffer the worst terrorist attack on American soil in a decade. Thus, it follows that justifiably fearful Americans must have a heavier burden imposed on them if they want to purchase firearms to do the job that government, under Obama, appears unwilling or unable to do: Keep Americans safe.

The absurdity of this Democrat disease (never taking responsibility for their actions; blaming the actions of bad people on inanimate objects and punishing the innocent) reminded me of parable that I have seen over the years:

A liberal home business owner in Nancy Pelosi’s district absent mindedly forgot his shotgun on the front porch of his home one day. The gun, willed to him by his grandfather, had been taken out of storage by our liberal friend in order to bring it to a gun buyback event put on by leftists in the community.

Keep in mind: this particular liberal was somewhat of an oddity.

The absent-mindedness wasn’t so odd for someone of his ideological persuasion. But the fact he owned a firearm and actually signed the front of a paycheck, made this Democrat stand out in his collectivist crowd.

The shotgun sat on the porch overnight. It sat there throughout the day. Parcel deliveries came and went. Laborers came and went. Illegal immigrant groundskeepers trimmed the bushes, cut the lawns and pruned the flowers with the firearm in plain view.

To the liberal’s surprise, the gun harmed no one. This puzzled the liberal. He’d been told by extremist left-wingers in government that guns make people evil. He’d come to understand that guns drive people to do all manner of unsavory activities - even mass shootings and terrorism. It was one of the primary reasons why he felt compelled to participate in the gun buyback effort. He didn’t want to be seduced by the awesome power the rifle was said to possess. Still, the liberal was confused as to how all of the people who had come through his business were able to resist going on a shooting spree at any number of gun-free zones that surrounded his neighborhood.

Still, the liberal took the shotgun and carefully placed it in the trunk of his car, determined to show off his social consciousness to his extremist liberal friend who would surely be in attendance.

But before that, he had several stops to make on his way.

His first stop was a protest at a local car dealership. He and other members of his Democrat protest group thought it was time to raise awareness of the dangers posed by automobiles. Given a recent incident where a woman used her car to run down 40 people, the liberal and his group had determined that, like guns, cars turn people into murderous demons.

After the protest our busybody leftist was scheduled to meet with a group of restaurant owners. It turns out that America is battling an obesity problem. The liberal had determined, with what he thought was impeccable logic and with his unimpeachable college education, that spoons were a major contributor to America’s battle with the bulge. He reasoned that without spoons, Americans wouldn’t be able to shovel as much food down their gullets.

The last stop before the gun buyback event was a meeting at the local newspaper.

To the liberal’s amazement, some local reporters had written unfaltering stories about his advocacy. Not only that, the liberal’s name had been spelled incorrectly. The meeting was to be held with the newspaper’s editor. The liberal was going to suggest that the San Francisco Chronicle change its paper provider, and its ink distributor, as it was clear to the liberal that those tools were responsible for what he considered mistakes in the paper’s interpretation of his actions. Certainly the writers at the paper couldn’t be held responsible for misspelling his name. Yes, his liberal logic allowed him to expertly identify the culprits responsible for the errors at his favorite paper. It was this same “flawless” liberal logic that helped our heroic liberal to identify the true causes of gun violence, vehicular homicide and obesity.

I’m sure most of you will be able to recognize the message behind this compelling tale. For those liberals out there who are, allow me to succinctly explain the lesson of my little parable:

Guns don’t kill people any more than cars kill people, spoons make people fat or ink misspells words.

The only place the contrary is true is in the fantasy world in which liberals live. And not to put too fine a point on this but, if left-wingers wish to remain in this delusion, fine. It’s a free country (that is, when liberals aren’t in charge).

It is however, unacceptable when progressives seek to impose their nuttiness on the common-sense majority.

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