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Why a Vote for Trump is a Vote For America


The alternative is so mind-numbingly worse that voting for the only person with a chance of beating Hillary Clinton should be the only rational choice.

This combination of file photos shows Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton(L)on June 15, 2016 and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on June 13, 2016. (DSK/AFP/Getty Images)

To the delight of all his critics, Donald Trump isn’t doing a whole lot to help himself lately.

From the “Mexican judge” to the Khizr Khan controversy, it seems like everything the Republican nominee touches is fodder for a cynical media sensing blood in the water and increasingly hungry for more.

These errors, combined with Hillary Clinton’s convention bump, have cost Trump significantly in the polls, and most analysts, including staunch Trump supporter Sean Hannity, say it’s time for Trump to stop making these “unforced errors” and instead focus on Hillary Clinton and the issues that face the American people.

For a guy who seems to thrive on mixing up with every critic, no matter their standing, that’s easier said than done.

This combination of file photos shows Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton(L)on June 15, 2016 and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on June 13, 2016. / AFP / dsk (Photo credit should read DSK/AFP/Getty Images)

The Khan controversy is especially mind-boggling. Sure, the figure of a Shariah-loving, illegal immigration abetting, DNC pawn attacking Trump and waving a copy of the Constitution around like it’s the passport for every Third World reject who wants to come to America (it’s not, and if Khan himself had read it, he’d know) was undoubtedly too much for Trump to ignore, but ignore him he should have.

Like other Trump supporters who are banging their heads against the wall with these seemingly endless “unforced errors” from our nominee, I too am unbelievably frustrated.

Frustrated because I know that the policies Trump proposes, the policies that got me on board the “Trump Train” over a year ago, are just the medicine that America needs to survive.

Frustrated because the principles of “Trumpism” - fair trade, secure borders, less foreign intervention, among others - are principles that I and others have held for years (for reference, see any of the writings of Pat Buchanan) but never thought a major party candidate, much less one who WINS a major party nomination, would ever espouse, and the thought of Trump the candidate seemingly pissing it all away on petty grievances with people he should be ignoring is beyond painful.

Frustrated because I know that, given the demographic and attitude changes in America, a typical social conservative like Ted Cruz will NEVER win a national general election. Trump was truly our only chance, and while he very well may lose, if he does it will be in no insignificant part his own fault (don’t worry #NeverTrumpers, you’ll get your share of the blame as well!).

Frustrated because I know that the people “in the know,” the media and liberals (including NeverTrump so-called “conservatives”) who seize upon Trump’s every gaffe don’t really care about Judge Curiel, or Khizr Khan, or even America for that matter - what they care about is ensuring that “Trumpism,” those principles of fair trade, secure borders, and less foreign intervention, never again see the light of day. Nevermind the will of ordinary Americans - these people are globalists first, and as such they are firmly against anything that could disrupt their golden goose.

Frustrated because, while the election is far from over, we may very well be looking at a loss in November and with it the end of America as we know it.

The good news is, it ain’t over, not until the fake-blonde lady shrieks.

Sure, Trump could start listening to his advisors and get back on-message. He could eliminate his unforced errors and make that strong final push he’ll need to secure the nomination. He’s done it before in short spurts, why not go longer? Hey, miracles can happen, right? And though it may be surprising, it wouldn’t be such a miracle, would it?

Meanwhile, those of us who support the Trump candidacy can keep making the very strong case for why electing Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton (given that it will be one or the other), is likely our only chance to revive our once great nation, because it’s our only chance at enacting the policies it will take to do so.

If you’re a Trump supporter, do you have a friend, family member, colleague, or acquaintance who doesn’t like the Republican nominee? Who doesn’t, right? Fine. Still, your job is to simply remind them that this election cycle we are voting for not two, but three branches of government, given the numerous Supreme Court vacancies that are likely to come up during the next president’s term.

And while the office of President is certainly the most powerful, it is but one part of the executive branch. The “conservative” #NeverTrump crowd crow that we aren’t voting for a king, and indeed we aren’t. Instead, by voting for Trump, we are voting to place people sympathetic to the principles we all believe in into positions that affect our everyday lives, from the Supreme Court down to the entire judiciary, departments, regulatory bodies, and military branches.

Don’t like Trump? I get it, but do you want to watch the woman who will protect Hillary at all costs, Loretta Lynch, continue as Attorney General instead of someone like Chris Christie who will undoubtedly do what it takes to ensure justice is done regardless of political affiliation? Do you really want to see Elizabeth “Pocohontas” Warren head the Treasury Department instead of, well, ANYBODY else? Do you want to see Supreme Court justices who make Lenin look like a right-winger?

Do you want to leave our southern border wide-open and bring in a few hundred thousand more unassimilable and unscreenable Syrian refugees?

Because if you do, Hillary Clinton is definitely your choice.

But if not, if you might otherwise vote for Trump but you are upset that he responded unkindly and even inappropriately to Khizr Khan’s provocations that day, or any of the other gaffes the candidate has made, please get a grip and understand what YOU are doing to our country. I’ve already assigned blame to Trump, but in this case you are letting the media, a media that intends to dump Khizr Khan the very day his usefulness ends, drive you into making a decision that will have lifetime ramifications for you and your children, and indeed all of us.

Because make no mistake, for all practical purposes a vote for anyone else besides Donald Trump, especially if you would typically vote Republican, IS a vote for Hillary Clinton, because you are refusing to cancel out one of her votes.

Bottom line - it’s OK to be frustrated with Donald Trump. It’s OK to hope he changes. But what’s not OK, in my opinion, is to let his actions or media hype get in the way of the prize. The Republican Party will NEVER be what it was, the party of “invade the world, invite the world, and in hock to the world” again, nor should it. Instead, it has made the drastic but necessary shift into a nationalist, populist, America first party that actually has a chance to compete with out-of-control liberalism and win elections on a national scale.

Trump or no Trump, that’s a good thing.

So if you don’t want to vote for Trump this time but you share these values, close your eyes and tell yourself what is ultimately the truth - you are voting for a border wall, for fair trade, for less foreign intervention, and for a Supreme Court that won’t decide on a whim that the Second Amendment only really means the right to water guns, or something.

You are voting for America, and this very well may be your last real chance to do so.

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