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Whitlock: America’s toxic femininity pandemic provides China huge advantage in the Mold War

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We're losing the Mold War to China.

The Asian superpower and America's economic and military rival is molding its culture in masculinity. America is doing the reverse. With a gentle nudge from China, we're leaning into feminine energy.

On Thursday, China's lawmakers announced a ban on television programming with incorrect political positions, including shows featuring effeminate men. The Chinese Communist Party is pushing back against the feminization of men. Meanwhile, here in America, we're celebrating it. On Thursday, the rapper Lil Nas X partnered with People Magazine to promote the fallacy that he's having a baby. In an extravagant photo spread, Lil Nas was pictured pregnant. His new album, "Montero," is slated to be "born" on Sept. 17.

"SURPRISE! I can't believe I'm finally announcing this," a caption read. "My little bundle of joy Montero is due September 17, 2021."

I know many of you think we should ignore Lil Nas X. He's a troll. The maker of Old Town Road is a one-hit wonder who is constantly courting controversy for relevance because his music is no good. I wish that were true.

Lil Nas is important because he has the support of our cultural puppet masters. There's a reason People Magazine supported his pregnancy photos. Lil Nas is bait for the minds of young people. He's a tool being used to feminize little boys. Old Town Road made him an icon among grade-schoolers. Now that he's an influencer, he's putting out music to influence young boys in the LGBTQ direction. Every other month, he executes an attention-grabbing stunt connected to a sexual taboo. When he's not giving the devil a lap dance, he's twerking naked in a prison shower or posed in a white satin dress with a huge baby bump.

Just a few years ago, we were (perhaps falsely) led to believe that 3% to 4% of Americans were gay. Now, when you turn on the television or open a social media app, society is presented as a narrative centered around alternative sexual identities. Transgenders make up 1% of society and 50% of our conversations about society. This is by design and manipulation.

If China is attempting to build a more masculine society, what kind of society would it love for its chief rival to adopt?

America is ruled by toxic femininity. The pleasing of emotions and feelings is our highest priority. We take so seriously the protection of feelings and emotions that thought crimes are judged more harshly than actual crimes. Jan. 6 is a great example. The rioters at the Capitol have been labeled and treated as insurrectionists even though the damage they caused at the Capitol pales in comparison to a typical Black Lives Matter and Antifa riot. The real crime of Jan. 6 rioters is wrongthink. They wrongly think Donald Trump was a good president. Support of Trump offends the sensibilities of feminized Americans.

Man can never fully please a woman. It's not in her nature to feel fulfilled. There's always more, something better. I'm sorry if that offends. It's my belief.

It's my belief that we're building a society that makes laws and rules based on feelings, fleeting, flighty, and filthy emotion. Emotions and feelings drive the behavior of weak people. Modern culture says men are weak when they don't express their emotions. The truth is men are weak when they don't control and tame their emotions. So are societies.

Human beings are capable of feeling a lot of things. Biological boys feel like girls. Biological girls feel like boys. I have sympathy for every human who suffers identity confusion. But we can't make laws focused on satisfying the feelings of confused people. Where does it stop? There are human beings who feel like dogs and cats. I'm not being flippant.

I do not doubt that Bruce Jenner felt like a woman trapped in a man's body. I don't doubt it for one second. We can't make laws based on people's feelings, though. Feelings change. A fair society presents challenges for all of us. Should airlines be forced to change the size of their seats because I feel uncomfortable in a standard coach seat?

There are consequences for our untamed feelings and desires. I feel like eating McDonald's five times a day. There's a price for that.

There's a price America will pay for its emasculation of men. China is taking steps to collect that debt. Lil Nas X is just another maxed-out credit card in the Mold War.
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