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Whitlock: Democrats’ 2022 campaign slogan: ‘Kill my baby, or kill Donald Trump’

Spencer Platt / Staff | Getty Images

You will never convince me that the people who don’t value the life developing inside a woman’s womb know what’s best for us outside it.

The chaos, anarchy, and lawlessness overtaking America’s major cities are rooted in the pro-abortion mindset of progressives.

I tried to unpack this idea Wednesday night on Jesse Watters’ Fox News program. Watters played a series of news clips highlighting the "Lord of the Flies" behavior that seems commonplace in cities long controlled by Democrat politicians. He asked me for an explanation.

It's abortion.

Leftists do not value life. You can see it in their attitude toward abortion. They believe life begins in the delivery room and that the pursuit of happiness is contingent on a woman’s alleged constitutional right to destroy an unwanted baby in the womb.

Stacey Abrams, the Georgia gubernatorial candidate and darling of the left, recently addressed a crowd of concert-goers in Atlanta. She expressed a single message: “My body, my choice.”

The slogan is the Democrats’ version of Patrick Henry’s 1775 “give me liberty, or give me death” speech that compelled Virginia to join the Revolutionary War.

“Kill my baby, or kill Donald Trump” is the rallying cry of progressives. It encapsulates their worldview, defines their motivation, and explains the nihilism ruining the country.

Before I go farther, let’s examine the other side of the argument.

Progressives argue that political conservatives do not value life outside the womb. Democrats point to Republicans’ opposition to universal health care, minimum wage hikes, and other government assistance initiatives as proof that the pro-life movement reeks of hypocrisy and fraudulence. Progressives wonder: How can you be pro-life if you’re against government programs that assist the living?

It’s a fair question. Here’s the fair answer: Anything that makes man more reliant on the government and less self-sufficient does not support life. It cripples it. It creates dependency, which underscores my contention that the people who don’t support life inside the womb know very little about supporting life outside it.

Preparation fuels life.

Caring for a human being begins before conception. Doctors advise women to stop drinking and smoking before pregnancy, to take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, to avoid toxic substances, to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

Once a woman is pregnant, doctors advise parents to read and sing to the baby, to rub the mother’s belly, to avoid stress, to eat a healthy diet, to exercise, and to stop drinking and smoking.

Before and during pregnancy, doctors advise parents to treat the baby like a human being, not a fetus, not a clump of cells, not a collection of underdeveloped bones that can be easily dismembered.

The quality of a human being’s life can be greatly influenced before conception and certainly during pregnancy.

Here’s the proper worldview and slogan for a successful society: “Our bodies, our baby, our responsibility.” The word “our” represents mama and daddy.

“My body, my choice” is a death cult that leads to dystopia. Life begins long before the delivery room. The people who reject this support policies that lead to the destruction of family. They prioritize government assistance ahead of natural marriage. They hand responsibilities meant for a married man and woman to the government. The centering of abortion as a fundamental human right undergirds the irresponsibility and moral decay sweeping American culture.

Killing babies in the womb kills the necessity of marriage.

Major cities are violent and lawless cesspools because violence and lawlessness rule in the absence of family.

Redlining, the bombing of a Tulsa business district 100 years ago, and the war on drugs did 1,000 times less damage to urban black communities than Democrats mainstreaming the idea that abortion is liberating and being a Democrat is synonymous with blackness.

It’s not a coincidence that murder plagues the neighborhoods of the voting demographic most loyal to the political party that sees abortion as a human right.

Killing babies in the womb came before drive-by shootings.

When life in the womb is defined as a disposable burden, we should not be surprised when those same people see life outside the womb as disposable.

Democrats mask their indifference to black death and dystopian communities with Black Lives Matter T-shirts, yard signs, and hashtags. They shower empathy on a handful of black criminal suspects and pay Stacey Abrams to convince black women to kill their babies.

We’re supposed to take life advice from the people advocating for our deaths?

This goes well beyond race. Democrats mask their indifference to life with concern over climate change. Their solution to every problem is a reduction in humankind. They spend more time and energy garnering sympathy for violent criminals than innocent babies.

The importance of abortion to Democrats reveals their cluelessness about life.

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