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Whitlock: ESPN requires employees to support Lia Thomas, Alphabet Mafia, and ‘Silent P’ movement

Hunter Martin / Contributor | Getty Images

ESPN honoring Ivy League swimmer William Thomas as part of Women’s History Month makes perfect sense when you realize he’s a “D*cksney Chick.”

ESPN’s parent company, the Walt Disney Company, is the worldwide leader in transitioning America into a gender-fluid, mental-illness-affirming society.

Eight years ago, ESPN crowned its inaugural D*cksney Chick, awarding Bruce Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Bruce earned the recognition when he changed his name to Caitlyn and started wearing dresses in public.

William Thomas changed his name to Lia and started swimming against women. In 2022, he won an NCAA title in the women’s 500-meter freestyle. Like Jenner, Thomas retained his bat and balls, qualifying him for Disney’s most protected status – D*cksney Chick.

On Sunday, ESPN lauded Lia Thomas as a great moment in women’s HIStory, airing a package celebrating his dominance of Ivy League women’s swimming.

At Disney, the debate is settled: You can be a chick with a d*ck, and there’s nothing remotely unfair about biological men competing against biological women in sports.

This would actually be a great discussion for one of ESPN’s many talk shows. The network is filled with former male and female athletes, passionate sports fans, and fearless intellectual heavyweights. I can’t ever remember seeing any of them engaged in a real debate about biological men competing against biological women.

I’d love to know what Mina Kimes, Sarah Spain, Malika Andrews, and Elle Duncan think on this issue. I’d also love to hear from Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Dan Orlovsky, Jalen Rose, and Ryan Clark on this topic. What does Max Kellerman think? How about Rex Ryan? Or Randy Moss? Maybe the courageous team over at Andscape could host a two-hour panel discussion on this issue.

This is easily one of the most important issues facing the world of sports. The alleged worldwide leader in sports is strangely quiet on a topic that could disadvantage the next generation of biological women.

A man who has never trained for competition while experiencing a menstrual cycle is now an unforgettable hero in women’s sports. Really? Disney decided this without ever putting the issue to vigorous debate.

Disney is evil. The company is uprooting a foundational truth – God created man and woman, giving men XY chromosomes and women XX chromosomes. It’s normalizing a treatable mental illness.

Anyone paying attention knows what’s next on the sexual slippery slope. It's the Silent P in the LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia: pedophilia. The left calls it minor-attracted people or MAP. This, too, will be normalized.

Disney’s cartoons have incorporated the Alphabet Mafia agenda into their characters. Disney is grooming your kids for a sexually immoral world. With its 1995 acquisition of ESPN, Disney purchased the rights to transition sports culture. It’s been a three-decade process to make the sports world bow to the Alphabet Mafia.

Mission accomplished.

The worldwide leader in sports led us to Epstein Island, aka Disney’s World.

This weekend, as I watched the NCAA tournament, I kept seeing an eHarmony commercial with two young boys riding a bicycle with a tagline, “Get who gets you.”

I kept imagining a father watching the games with his 10-year-old son. You’re watching basketball. Does anyone want to discuss with their child “get who gets you”? Your child’s same-sex best friend is probably who gets him at that age.

The commercial isn’t about business and selling eHarmony memberships. It’s about grooming. Let’s be generous and say 10% of American adults are gay or bisexual. What percentage of that 10% are sports fans? Is eHarmony trying to reach a mass audience, or is it trying to send a mass message?

It’s obvious. It’s no different from the Amazon commercial with the mustache “girl.” The commercial isn’t about the convenience of shopping with Amazon. It’s a commercial about a “genderless” child discovering his identity after seeing Freddie Mercury, the gay lead singer of Queen, rocking a mustache.

Companies no longer pitch products. They pitch agendas.

It feels like the only companies pitching products are the pharmaceutical corporations. Pfizer paid singer John Legend to sell its experimental medical trial vaccine.

Let me return to Lia Thomas and ESPN.

The worldwide leader can find time to discuss whether a BYU fan hurled a racial slur at a Duke volleyball player. South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley canceled a game with BYU over the false allegation. Stephen A. Smith ripped BYU for something that didn’t happen. Jay Bilas gave the false allegation credibility by issuing a statement. Last week, Sarah Spain snapped on and ESPN publicly condemned a low-level Boston radio host who referred to Mina Kimes as a “Nip.”

It’s all a cover. The race-baiting ESPN promotes covers for Disney’s chicks-with-d*cks and Silent P agenda. Disney incentivizes and manipulates its employees to groom kids for sexual perversion.

No one at ESPN will complain about Lia Thomas because they know their future at the network depends on obedience to the Alphabet Mafia.

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