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Glenn Beck Podcast

Former-leftist Dave Rubin on what in really means to be a free-thinking liberal

Comedian and host of "The Rubin Report," Dave Rubin, sat down in the studio with Glenn Beck to discuss his political journey from far-left progressive liberal to free-thinking classical liberal. Rubin also talks about joining Jordan Peterson on his 12 Rules for Life Tour.

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Louder with Crowder

Top Virginia gun rally lies debunked

On Tuesday's episode of "Louder with Crowder," Steven Crowder debunked the top lies peddled by the mainstream media in the days that led up to the pro-gun rally on Monday in Richmond, Virginia.

Monday's pro-gun demonstration proved to be quite different what the media predicted. Here are two of the top debunked lies:

Media lie: Senate Bill 16, contained common sense gun control laws.

Truth: The bill included language that would ban firearms based on the intent and the need for a state militia. The bill also contained the right of parents to determine at what age their children would be legally authorized to own a firearm.

Media lie: Militia groups were coming from out-of-state to cause violence and disrupt the democratic process.

Truth: There were no acts of violence reported at the gun rights rally in Virginia.

Watch the video below for more debunked lies.


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