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Former-leftist Dave Rubin on what in really means to be a free-thinking liberal

Comedian and host of "The Rubin Report," Dave Rubin, sat down in the studio with Glenn Beck to discuss his political journey from far-left progressive liberal to free-thinking classical liberal. Rubin also talks about joining Jordan Peterson on his 12 Rules for Life Tour.

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The Rubin Report

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel accidentally OWNS himself in attempt to mock Sen. Tim Scott

On the latest episode of "The Rubin Report," BlazeTV host Dave Rubin talks about Jimmy Kimmel's racist and uninformed remarks after Republican Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) said America is not a racist country during his rebuttal to President Joe Biden's address to a joint session of Congress.

Kimmel attempted to smear Sen. Scott and conservatives by implying that the Republican Party is racist because Scott is the only black GOP senator, apparently without realizing that the Democratic Party has only two black senators.

Dave played a clip of Kimmel taunting Scott by saying, "An amazing thing happened after the speech. Every black Republican senator got together to let the American people know the Republican party isn't racist ... and then Tim promptly returned to the sensory deprivation egg he calls home. Sen. Scott accused Democrats, in his rebuttal, of using race as a weapon, when the truth is we're more concerned about people using weapons as a weapon. Race would be a terrible weapon. What would you do, melanin a person to death?"

Dave called Kimmel's comments "a true indicator of the modern pernicious racism of the left," adding that the late-night host's views exemplify the "liberal, elite, modern, woke, progressive, racist view of the world."

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