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Eric Bolling discusses Blaze Media

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling joined Glenn on Monday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" to discuss the merger of TheBlaze and CRTV, President Donald Trump, chaos at the border, and the 2018 G20 Summit.

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Slightly Offens*ve with Elijah Schaffer

'F**k the police': Foul-mouthed liberal protesters harass, call cops KKK at Houston Democratic debate

A mob of liberal protesters harassed and shouted obscenities at police outside the Democratic debate in Houston, Texas, on Thursday.

In a video shared by BlazeTV correspondent and host of "Slightly Offens*ve," Elijah Schaffer, protesters repeatedly chanted "f**k the police," before one woman picked up a bullhorn to declare that the Houston Police are the "American Gestapo."

"They will f**king take you. The Houston Police Department collaborates with ICE!" shouted another woman.

"Cops and Klan go hand-in-hand!" yelled a man, starting another round of chanting.

Watch the video below: (Warning: Strong language)

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