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Eric Bolling discusses Blaze Media

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling joined Glenn on Monday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" to discuss the merger of TheBlaze and CRTV, President Donald Trump, chaos at the border, and the 2018 G20 Summit.

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LISTEN: Secretly recorded audio reveals shocking abuse of special-needs student at school

Amber Pack wanted to know why her 8-year-old special-needs daughter didn't want to go school anymore, so she hid a recording device in her child's hair to find out exactly what was going on behind the walls of Berkeley Heights Elementary School in West Virginia.

What she discovered is truly disturbing.

Read the full story here.

On Wednesday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn played several of the shocking recordings. He and Stu Burguiere reacted with disgust, calling the situation "sickening" and "inhuman."

Watch the video below.

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