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Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne reveals details on 'deep state' connections, romance with 'Russian spy'

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'The feds wanted to paint her as the real life version of Onatopp from 'GoldenEye.' '

UPDATE: Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne resigns, promptly goes on media blitz claiming Peter Strzok gave him orders in deep state political espionage. Read the details here.

The feds tried to link Russian gun-rights activist, Maria Butina, to the Russia investigation and President Donald Trump's campaign. But they weren't interested in her connections to Hillary Clinton. Now, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who watched it all unfold, is warning us that something isn't right with our country's so-called "deep state."

On "Glenn TV" Wednesday, Glenn Beck broke down the details of Byrne's three-year relationship with the libertarian Russian graduate student, who is now serving 18 months in prison after pleading guilty for failing to register as a foreign agent in the U.S. Glenn also discussed Byrne's communications with the FBI and Department of Justice, concerning what he calls a "deep state plot" involving "political espionage," the Russia investigation, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

"She [Butina] is not a spy, she's a gun-rights activist," Glenn said. "The feds wanted to paint her as the real life version of [Xenia] Onatopp from 'GoldenEye.' Why? Well, this is where Patrick Byrne's story comes in."

Byrne and Butina first met at a libertarian conference in 2015, Glenn explained.

"Apparently, Russian libertarianism is a thing. Who knew?" he joked. "She [Butina] was interested in gun-rights, mainly. But also in things like religious freedom."

Over the next three years, the relationship turned romantic, but Byrne became suspicious when Butina started talking about meeting people involved in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, so he started communicating with the FBI. He was repeatedly assured by the feds that Butina had been "looked into" and was "fine."

"But that all changed just before the 2016 election," Glenn said. "All of a sudden, the FBI was calling Patrick."

Watch the video below for more details:

Watch the full episode here.

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