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Mark Levin warns: We CANNOT allow the Left to abolish the Electoral College


We MUST remain a republic

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A recent Washington Post editorial titled "Abolish the electoral college" the Washington Post editorial board argued that "the electoral college, whatever virtues it may have had for the Founding Fathers, is no longer tenable for American democracy."

BlazeTV's Mark Levin warned that abolishing the Electoral College would mean that America's cities would control the government, which in turn means that Democrats would control the country. Alarmingly, this nightmarish scenario is just one Senate seat away from becoming a reality.

As Mark explained, if the Democrats win both of the two Senate runoffs in Georgia, the Senate's 100 seats will be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans with the deciding vote going to the vice president. If that vice president is Democrat Kamala Harris, the Democrats will almost certainly destroy the Electoral College, and with it, our future as a constitutional republic.

"I've told you many, many times that this is the objective of the Left and the media, which are one and the same, because by abolishing the Electoral College, the cities … all these heavy population centers, will control the government, meaning the Democrat Party will control the government," Levin said.

"What they [Democrats] are saying is what I've been warning you about," he continued. "They don't want to represent republicans and they don't want to represent areas that they do not control ... and the fact is, if they destroy the Electoral College and do all these other things they want, we won't live in a republic, certainly not a constitutional republic any more. That's why Georgia is so crucial. If we lose Georgia, by one vote — because the vice president of the United States is the president of the Senate and breaks all ties — you'll have a 50/50 Senate. Kamala Harris will sit in that chair, she will rule over the Senate. Biden will rule over the executive branch. Pelosi ... will rule over the House. They will pack the Supreme Court. There will be no where to go, and then they're going to enshrine, as they did in California, their permanency as a party."

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