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Mark Levin warns: 'This is the election that determines if we REMAIN a Republic'


This is our stand against tyranny

The 2020 election will determine the course of our republic. In fact, it will determine whether or not our nation will remain a republic at all.

In what he called the "most important episode of Levin TV," Mark Levin warned Americans that the outcome of the upcoming election could alter our society, our liberty, and our lives by undermining the principles of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.

"This is a different election. We need to keep the Senate. We need to take the House. We need to win the presidency. We need to send a message throughout the land and throughout the world, and we need to stand firm for our republic — or we're going to lose it," Levin said.

"In a few days, people are going to vote in the election that will be remembered for 100 years or more," he added. "This is the election that determines the course of this republic. In fact, it will determine whether we remain a republic."

Levin encouraged listeners to take a stand against tyranny by voting for the re-election of President Donald Trump, and encouraging friends, family members, and colleagues to vote. Then he traveled back in time to explore the history of our republic, the philosophy of the Founding Fathers, and how the progressives of the early 20th century have led us to where we are today.

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Mark Levin: This Is Our Stand Against Tyranny

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