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WATCH: Embattled Netanyahu touts Mark Levin video amid indictments: This is 'a coup attempt of a sitting prime minister'


Is the Israeli PM guilty of corruption or the victim of a coup?

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared on his social media pages a video of BlazeTV host Mark Levin discussing indictments against the premier with former U.S. federal prosecutor Arthur Fergenson.

In the interview, which aired earlier this month on "LevinTV," Mark called the indictments against Netanyahu "a coup attempt of a sitting prime minister."

"I do not believe that the longest serving and, in my view, the greatest prime minister in the history of Israel has had a fair shake with the Israeli media -- and most of the American media, as a matter of fact," Mark said. "And so using our new technologies, using the platform we have here, I intend to do my very best to explain these allegations against the prime minister of Israel and to explain why they are so untoward."

Netanyahu tweeted an article from Breitbart about the interview and shared a clip of Levin's video on his YouTube page shortly after the episode was released.

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Watch the full interview below for more details:

EP 677 | The Coup Against Benjamin Netanyahu

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