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Louder with Crowder: American Masterclass with Historian David Barton

Louder with Crowder
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Louder with Crowder host Steven Crowder was joined by Historian and Founder of Wall Builders David Barton to discuss the First Amendment of the United states Constitution.

What is the first amendment?

According to Barton, only 1 out of every 1,000 Americans can name the following five natural rights:

  • Free exercise of religion
  • The right of speech
  • The right of Press
  • The right of petition
  • The right of assembly
Barton explained that these five things were not be be regulated or limited by the government.
The British system, Barton explained, also included all five natural rights but they were regularly violated by King George because of a lack checks and balances.

Barton also explained the history of false news and the Act that served to punish those who slandered the reputation of others.

This is a history lesson that you can't afford to miss.

Watch the video below for more.

The First Amendment: American Masterclass with Historian David Barton | Louder With Crowderyoutu.be

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