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'Come at me, bro' — Steven Crowder's challenge to Chris Cuomo!

Louder with Crowder
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Do you know the full-of-pride feeling you get while watching the training scene from the "Rocky" movie? Here is a rant delivered by Steven Crowder that has a similar effect.

Let's set the stage: During Crowder's CNN Livestream last week, he questioned why CNN host Chris "Chrissy" Cuomo refuses to hold the Communist Chinese government as accountable as he does President Trump.

Crowder challenged Cuomo by saying: "Come at me, bro. You threaten everyone's ass. Me first. I'm first in line," Crowder asserted.

The rant that followed was glorious!

Steven Crowder's Challenge to Chris Cuomo! | Louder with Crowderyoutu.be

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