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Watch SUPER TRUMP battle COVID-19 and the Cuomo brothers in this animated parody adventure

Louder with Crowder

SUPER TRUMP is a political-themed animated comic, not to be confused with news. "Louder with Crowder" recommends common sense along with the will to smile for optimal enjoyment. Fact-checkers and meme-haters, avoid looking like an idiot: We know it's not real.

President Trump (the orange man) did not, at any point, receive a Diet Coke I.V. drip. Trump never threw the Cuomo brothers to planet Mars. Sadly.

SUPER TRUMP, the animated parody, did main-line soda and rid Planet Earth of the Cuomo Brothers. Don't be a killjoy, sit back, and enjoy the adventure of Steven Crowder's SUPER TRUMP. The cartoon is all in good fun!

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