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Wrong or Evil?: Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette discuss the difference

Matt Kibbe
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On Wednesday's episode of "Kibbe on Liberty," Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette sat down and discussed the way humans had evolved from a tribal mentality that helped reinforce our trust and belief in other humans to what we see today.

According to Beck, historically, human beings had to have tribes. Tribalism is built-in to us or else we would not have survived, especially when we were afraid. Now, we are demolishing the tribes, but we are not trusting each other.

"If I disagree with you on one thing, I have to hate you," Beck said.

Jillette agreed and added that people on social media take one of two positions when there is a disagreement on political views. The opposition is either "wrong" or "evil."

He went on to recall instances where Democrats had demonized Republicans for "wanting to take away health care" when in reality that is not true. Conversely, he explained that Republicans often say that Democrats want to "force socialism and want to destroy our country," but that was not true either.

Jillette explained that while policies and political views might be wrong, they are rarely evil because both sides of the political aisle want to help people at the end of the day. The intentions are pure, but the path chosen may be wrong.

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