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Finally a message from The Blaze Managing Editor


I had intended to say hi and welcome to The Blaze a few days ago. But Glenn keeps sending story tips at 3AM. He's cruel and demanding.

So, even though this is our third full day, consider this your official greeting from the Managing Editor.  I'll put the "managing" part on hold here for a few minutes while I share a few thoughts about our new site and your reaction to it.

Apparently a few of you have found us.  Maybe even a few more than the 87,000 of you who showed up for the 8/28 rally in Washington. It was 87,000 right? I was up at the front with an "all-access" pass (that's in the Managing Editor contract) so I couldn't get a really good look.

I will tell you that we had high expectations for the launch of The Blaze.  We were way off.  You have come to the site in such large numbers that we melted down a couple of servers.

But the numbers are less important than what you are telling us.  You are making it clear that you wanted a site like this. And you are not shy about suggesting story ideas.  That will be key to our success.

A few front page features are being tweaked and will return soon. Like the tip box and the list of the most popular stories.

Many of you have become convinced that we don't want you to register and comment. This is absolutely true. Please go away. Okay, okay, you can stay -- but the comment system might be a bit hinky for a little while longer. Please do not comment on my use of the word "hinky."

The engineers have been busy and tell me that we may have the full comment system humming along soon.  So many people registered that the robust system we were using couldn't keep up!

Some people have found that their "confirmation" e-mail went to their spam filter. You can also try hitting the "forgot password" button. If that doesn't work -- you can simply reregister.  But it may be easiest to hang loose for a day or two while we get it buttoned up. I'll let you know when I get the all clear.

The site organization is pretty simple. We'll put some stories on the front page.  We'll put others in The Blog.  What does that mean? We have no hard and fast rule, but generally the newsier stuff will be on the front page and more casual and conversational posts will be on The Blog.

That doesn't mean that posts on The Blog can't be serious or important. This post, for example, is both very serious and very important.

For right now The Blog will be a place for your scrappy Blaze team (there are just four of us -- me, Pam Key, Jon Seidl & Meredith Jessup) to talk to you.  But soon you may see a few other folks dropping by with regularity.

The Stories on the front page will be a mix of regular news articles plus original posts from The Blaze staff. Like the videos produced by Pam. You may be familiar with the several hundred Naked Emperor News videos she released over the last two years. Her piece yesterday on Dolores Huerta's "Republicans hate Latinos" speech is already getting lots of attention.  As of right now, more than 9,200 of you have "liked" it on Facebook. Wow.

Most of all -- thank you. We hope this becomes a place you like to visit each day. I would say that you could drop me an e-mail to tell me what you think -- but I'm already a couple hundred e-mails behind. Most of those are from Glenn.

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