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False Prophets': Protesters Greet Beck & Palin


“I think they've done more to discredit this country..."

The joint appearance by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin was sure to draw protesters. And it did. Despite some prediction that hundreds would demonstrate, it seems only 60 or so showed up. One heckler did interrupt the evening:

Beck and Palin were interrupted at one point by a heckler, who was escorted out. Anchorage talk radio host Eddie Burke evidently had some role in corralling the protestor, as Palin said “thanks Eddie, Eddie Burke,” to applause from the Dena'ina Center crowd. “We all know each other here,” she told Beck.

“I know, it’s like a high school classroom,” Beck said.

The Anchorage Daily News talked to some of the demonstrators:

Protestors said Beck and Palin's true aim was promoting themselves and getting richer with divisive rhetoric. The protestors held signs like “Quitters and Liars Revival” and “Quit 4 Money” and “False Prophets.”

“I do not believe Sarah Palin has any motivation other than making money and I believe Glenn Beck is the same way,” said Paula Standefer, who drove from Kenai for the Dena'ina Center protest and a similar one held at the Anchorage park strip earlier in the day. “He’s laughing all the way to the bank.”

Standefer said she was disturbed by the number of younger people who were waiting in line to see Beck, saying “I see people too young to be buying into his b.s.”

Here's video coverage from KTUU-TV:

“I think they've done more to discredit this country and to -- I don't know -- destroy the dialogue that we could be having than anybody else in recent history,” said protester Kathy Russell.
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