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Explosive Interview': CNN's Rick Sanchez Takes on NY Winner Paladino


“Where in the hell did you get that!”


The "explosive interview" label came quickly courtesy of Mediaite:

Meet your new GOP nominee for Governor, New York! Behold, Carl Paladino, who will presumably ensure that we no longer have to worry about being left behind when it comes to nutty politicians who will say anything. Paladino’s day-after victory rounds made a stop by Rick Sanchez’s show this afternoon and the results were…eye-opening. Fireworks might be the best way to describe the interview.

The interview spanned two segments and certainly covered a lot of ground. Including Ground Zero. Which Paladino defined as "the extended site over which the dust cloud containing human remains traveled."

Talking Points Memo zeroed in on this assertion:

After a commercial break, Sanchez asked him to specify just what he meant about the dust cloud.

"That was a vast [dust cloud] -- if you recall -- it stretched all the way to Weehaken, to parts of Hoboken, miles from where this thing happened." Sanchez said.

"Well I don't think it went out that far. It went out about a quarter of a mile, I think," Paladino said, before adding. "Well, I don't know the exact distance, I don't mean to make out that I know the exact distance. But wherever it went, wherever that dust is caught in the crevices of buildings or in the crevices of sidewalks, that's human remains, and it should be treated that way. "

Here's the short version:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/tbETLUhztF0?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

The mosque issue also produced the most volatile moments of the interview:

Paladino is, naturally, against the mosque. In fact, he says he has evidence Imam Rauf wanted to bring Sharia law to America and implement it here and “that’s not kosher for us.” To Rick Sanchez’s everlasting credit he stopped Paladino at this point to tell him that it was “his job to be correct” and this was “not about interpretations it is about facts.” And there is a big difference! Not to Paladino. He apparently told people (i.e. voters) that the Imam belonged to a sect of Islam that believes people who don’t follow it should be killed. Says Rick Sanchez: “Where in the hell did you get that!”

Here's the longer version:

And then we get to, among other things, Paladino's opposition to gay marriage an abortion:

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