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Observations on the attempted 'punking' of a CNN reporter


If you haven't followed the latest chapter in the James O'Keefe story  -- start here.

Politics Daily's Matt Lewis has a few thoughts:

Had O'Keefe quietly transitioned into journalism or traditional activism after the ACORN video, he might well have forever been viewed by conservatives as a hero. Instead, he now appears to be a quixotic youth, desperate for fame and attention.

And some advice:

The problem, of course, is that while O'Keefe brings youth and excitement to the table, he lacks wisdom. What is really needed here is some adult supervision to properly channel this energy into a productive cause. Conservatism can be stodgy and boring, and so there is a need for young activists who can inject energy into it. My guess is that this thirst has caused some conservatives to be too lenient when it comes to tolerating some of the amateurish actions of O'Keefe and his ilk.

Read the rest here.

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