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So What Did Glenn Think About His NY Times Cover Story?


We're not sure if this will cause the earth's axis to shift, but Glenn Beck is on the cover of The New York Times Magazine. In it, we learn who Glenn's demeanor "conjures":

Beck has a square, boyish face, an alternately plagued and twinkle-eyed demeanor that conjures (when Beck is wearing glasses) the comedian Drew Carey. He is 6-foot-2, which is slightly jarring when you first meet him, because he is all head and doughiness on television; I never thought of Beck as big or small, just as someone who was suddenly ubiquitous and who talked a lot and said some really astonishing things, to a point where it made you wonder — constantly — whether he was being serious.

Drew Carey? Maybe it's the libertarian thing.  The article is long and informative.  You can read the complete story here.

When Glenn talked about it on the radio this morning, he had not yet had time to read the entire report. Here's his early take:

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