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Virginia Democrat Takes Heat for Racy Christmas Party Pics


"I think we all have been to parties in our life."

The first thing you need to know about the candidate is her name -- Krystal Ball. So she should have seen this coming. If you pose with sex toys at a party, the pictures will eventually get around.

Ball is a Democrat running for congress in central Virginia. It's Republican territory. She doesn't have much of a chance. Unless the first district has some kind of fetish for Christmasy lewdness.  We're going to spare you publication of the pictures on this page.

The candidate talked to WWBT-TV.  She's not happy:

Ball said that she is the victim of coordinated attack, designed to knock her campaign off track, just as it was gaining momentum.

The photos are not what you'd expect from a woman hoping to be elected to Congress. And Krystal Ball knows it.

"This is not certainly the way I would hoped to be portrayed," she said.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/CWwNkLYJwD4?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

Using the "double standard" card may have tactical merit:

In response to media attention over the photos, Ball has taken the tactic that the Women's Campaign Forum says is proven to maintain voter support in the face of sexist attacks: She's calling them sexist.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/IPOrbzqOTdQ?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

Here's the full report from WWBT-TV:

How is her opponent responding to all this? Cautiously:

Rob Wittman has personally asked Republican bloggers to take the photos down.

"Rob is adamantly opposed to (the photo's) display," said Casey Werderman, Wittman's campaign manager. "We have asked that they be removed so that we can continue to discuss the issues important to the folks in the first district."

Should she have known better?  Of course: "Krystal's 29 and graduated from UVA in 2003, which puts her squarely in the Facebook generation."

Are the bloggers and reporters being irresponsible?  Here is a "yes" vote:

News reports like this one spill approximately zero ink on the decision of these blogs to published the photos, but take their sweet time in dissecting Ball's decision to wear some outfit. To recap: Ball is wearing a skirt, a tank top, and a Santa hat; this qualifies her, for some reason, as "scantily clad."

And NBC's Nobles does "scantily clad" one better: He all but asserts that the photos make Ball unfit for Congress. "The photos are not what you'd expect from a woman hoping to be elected to Congress, and Krystal Ball knows it," Nobles breathlessly reports. "She's dressed in a suggestive costume, leading a man she says is her ex-husband around the party on a leash.

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