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Odd New Paladino TV Ad Pays Lurid Homage: 'Andrew's Prowess Is Legendary


In some ways it's a shame that the election is less than a month away. Who knows how many strange turns the race for governor in New York could take given some time? This morning the Republican candidate, Carl Paladino, announced he would be airing a special video message. He sure did.

CBS News:

In the message, Paladino opens by discussing the confrontation he got into with New York Post writer Fred Dicker, saying he "got angry" because the Post sent a photographer to take pictures of the daughter he had in an extramarital affair.

"For weeks, the media has badgered me about affairs, because unlike a career politician, I was honest enough to acknowledge she was my daughter," he says, before ticking off some of the questions he said he had been asked.

"Does the media ask Andrew such questions?" Paladino continues, referring to his opponent, Democratic attorney general Andrew Cuomo. He adds: "Andrew's prowess is legendary."

Paladino has raised claims of extramarital affairs on Cuomo's part before, though he has not provided any proof to support the allegations.

New York Magazine says the "prowess" statement has to be "One of the most memorable lines of the 2010 election season."

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