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Arianna Huffington thinks Jon Stewart fans are morons


Arianna Huffington recently surprised Jon Stewart by announcing she'd sport the $250k or so to bus however many people show up at HuffPo HQ down to DC for the comedy bit they are staging there on some date that I don't care about. The only reason I bring it up is because Arianna unwittingly displayed the fundamental difference between conservatives and progressives. How? Let's start with how she decided to donate the buses:

“Jon and I were talking in the green room about the rally. I said, ‘Oh my God, how are those people going to get there?’ On the air I decided to make that offer, it was spontaneous, and nobody knew. My people were in the green room with me, and even they had no clue.”

Oh, those poor, helpless little Jon Stewart fans! How will they ever figure out how to travel from New York City all the way to Washington DC?! Arianna believes his fans are so pathetic that they can't figure it out themselves. So she swoops in and just promises $250k to bus them. Furthermore, as typical of progressives, she acts immediately on emotion and throws money at the problem without thinking it through and without having any clue if she can afford it or not. That left HuffPo president Greg Coleman scrambling:

"Coleman is working to entice sponsors to underwrite the gesture, and turn the surprise into a revenue bonus."

Translation: Coleman is stuck cleaning up Arianna's mess. Finally, why not top off this little microcosm of progressivism with a little incompetence? Arianna directed people to stop by HuffPo HQ in New York to find out more - but since none of her employees had any clue what was going on, they didn't even know what to tell folks who wandered in.

To summarize:

1) Progressives have no faith in people's ability to problem solve

2) They swoop in to save the day without thinking it through

3) They screw everything up

Compare that to conservatives. Fans who came to the 8/28 rally planned everything on their own. They organized their own buses. They set up their own web sites to facilitate car pooling. They didn't even consider asking for help - they just did it.

To summarize:

1) Conservatives don't expect handouts

2) They did it themselves

3) Everything worked perfectly.

So, thanks Arianna for proving (for the bajillionth time in history) that conservatism is superior to big government progressivism!

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