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Identity Revealed: Meet the Man Who Threw the Book at Obama


"The book almost floated in a magical curve..."

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Earlier today, the Associated Press reported that the Secret Service had questioned and released an "over-exuberant fan of President Barack Obama" who had pitched a book toward the president while he spoke at a Philadelphia rally on Sunday. The man had reportedly written the book and hoped the president would read it, said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan.

A man claiming to be the book-tossing author in question has since come forward, calling Sunday "one of the most dramatic days" of his life. Sajid Ali Khan took to his blog to describe the debacle:

I went to the President Obama rally, in Philadelphia. Usually I am able to place myself at a point where I can shake the hand of the President and talk to him. This time I was one fence away so there was no way I could speak to him. There was five rows of people between me and the President. I was still about 10' away from him. So I held up my book and as soon as he looked at me I tilted the book to show him that I wanted to give it to him. ...

The book almost floated in a magical curve. I thought it would land off the stage but it floated and landed in front of the Vice President. I made a V sign and gave him a thumbs up and he enjoyed the whole episode and was smiling and gave me back a thumbs up. As if saying he got it. A secret service officer ran up to the stage and picked it up and soon I was surrounded by the secret service. I was interrogated by a few officers. They said it is a very serious crime to throw an object at the President of the United States, even if it is a book and I am to be locked up till they made sure I meant no harm. However the Chief Officer was very professional and I told him if the Vice President welcomed my behavior then how come it is a crime. Anyway one officer ran a background check and he finally said that my record is clean and that I am good. I explained to the chief officer the whole idea how I need to take my work to the President. He said that this is not the way. I talked to him for over an hour. He said that according to procedure he will file a report and send it with the book to the White House. Then he let me go with a warning that if I did anything like this again I would be banned from any future rallies. ...

Click here to read more of Khan's account. (h/t Gateway Pundit)

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