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Glenn Beck Describes His Medical Tests



For the most part, Glenn Beck knows what he doesn't have: cancer, lupus, or secret Diet Coke nanobots eating through his system. On his radio show Wednesday, Beck updated his listeners regarding his stay at Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute over the last four days, and said his medical problems are not life-threatening.

Beck explained that he may have Raynaud's disease (which could explain the lack of feeling in his hands and feet) and small fiber neuropathy, but didn't speculate as to the cause of either. The Raynaud's he described as "common," while the neuropathy, he added, could be "kind of dicey."

For now, doctors do not know what is causing partial paralysis of his vocal chords. But, Beck said, they think the issue could be a virus, instead of a problem with a "major nerve" in his head.

“I had two MRIs, two CAT scans and then I was going into the PET scan, and they said, ‘We’ve read all of the others we don’t think you have cancer,” Beck told listeners on Wednesday.

"I want you to know that I'm not dying," he assured.

(Editor's note: the above information was added as an update. The original story and the video clips are posted below.)

Needles, electric shock, and radioactive isotopes. Glenn briefly discussed his recent medical tests on Wednesday's** radio program, while promising more details in the coming days (including what doctors did and didn't find)*:


Glenn couldn't keep his listeners in the dark for long, and decided to update them on what he may or may not have:

**The comments occurred on Wednesday's radio show, not Monday's as was originally reported.

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